The internet seems somewhat bare of SaniDry basement dehumidifier reviews, so I'd thought I would share my own personal thoughts on it with regards to how much it costs (its price) in relation to actually 'how good of a machine is it?'. Firstly, I will provide an overview of exactly what the sanidry basement dehumidifier has to offer in terms of its features, price etc. and then provide my own personal reflection.

SaniDry Dehumidifier System for Basements

The Sanidry basement dehumidifier is designed to be one of the leading models in its category whereby it can remove a little more than 100 liters of moisture from the air every day (within 24 hours) in a standard setting -- however as our good friend explains in the video below it is more likely to be 60 pints within a basement setting.  This is around 7.5 times more effective than your standard 40 pint dehumidifier (mainly attributable to its unique heating core).  This in turn allows the dehumidifer to cover relatively large areas, approximately up to 2500 square feet (and taking into account of an eight foot ceiling).

Moreover, the sanidry dehumidifier systems comes with a sophisticated particulate filtration system: a pre filter for dust particles (removing larger particles) which then reaches a MERV-11 that is capable of catching dust mites as small as 1 micron. This is really a very, very good filter system that SaniDry basement dehumidifier has going on. It is important to keep this part clean and should be replaced around once or so a year.

So already, you have a decent idea, how effective this is as a 'basement' dehumidifier compared to other standard models, however there is much more too. You will see that it comes integrated with a "Built In Defrost System", it can operate at right down to forty degree farenheit (and up to 95 F, the other way), which you will find most standard models actually struggle with. Moreover, you get a precise humidity range from which to select from via the digital settings on the dehumidistat from 26 percent to ninety percent in 1% increments. 

When you operate it next to a drain you can benefit from the continuous pump action, which is pretty much vital in a good basement dehumidifier. SaniDry name the sump pump the water guard. Like most modern dehumidifiers its energy star rated, so won't do too much damage to your energy bill but what is particularly impressive (as mentioned somewhat above) that with barely any energy consumption it manages to do a far better job than a standard dehumidifier -- yet uses roughly the same power.

In terms of the details -- it works on a 6.4 amp basis and it contains a blower (with switch) that acts with continuous operation both with and without dehumidification and this is at a power of 300 CFM. It is quite large, with dimensions of 19.75 by 36.5 by 17.5 inches and weighs in at over 100 lbs.

SaniDry Basement Dehumidifier Video Overview

With regards to my personal use, it has been nothing short of fantastic. There's not much to say, but that it does the job in a quiet, no questions asked manner -- everything you expect of a quality basement dehumidifier system. All that really needs doing is switching it off now and again and giving the filter system a good clean down. However, don't just to take my word for it -- if you scour the web online you will see many others have had the same positive experience with it being extremely effective, efficient and reliable. The only real downside that can be argued is that it's expensive. But, in the world of dehumidifiers it really is a case of you get what you pay for.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns with regards to the SaniDry basement based dehumidifier then please make them just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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