Romantic and Adventurous Vacation Spot in Northern California

There is no better cupid than nature and that’s why the Sashta Region, Northern California glistens with corners where couples can discover and rediscover romance. The crystal clear lake is like a diamond that tempts every moment to be a time for love and connection. It has wide open spaces filled with luscious green, the cold soothing water, exotic mountains and many other potentials only nature can offer.

So if you’re in for a vacation spot that can excite you or relax you, comfort you and thrill you, Sashta Cascade Region is the right spot for you.


The most popular trails follow the lake shoreline. Walking down the path is like tracing the memories that nature keeps. The Bailey Cove, Packers Bay, and Clikapudi trails are most commonly travelled because it is a loop that returns the hikers to the point of their origin. There is, however, nothing that can be more romantic than hiking the Lassen Peak under the moonlight or the Castle Crags State Park especially when there is snow that glistens against the sky. There are places to hike and camp and when the moon is high, flashlight won’t even be necessary. The light from the sky will guide you.


Bikers can also take The Bailey Cove, Packers Bay, and Clikapudi trails. You can also take the trail that connects Hirz Bay and Dekkas Rock campgrounds. This is fairly easy especially during the summer.

If you want something more rugged and enveloped by nature, try the Sugarloaf trail. The thick and tall trees can provide you with shade. You will also be surrounded by mountains which can only make the trip even more relaxing.

The best biking trail, though, is the Bizz Johnson Trail which traces the Susan River for the first 16 miles. It crosses the river 12 times over bridges and trestles and passes through two tunnels. It ranges from about 4200 to 5500 ft.


If you’re in for a rough ride, you can go backpacking to explore the west side’s Trinity Alps Wildnerness. The trails are laced with rivers, forests, and peaks which take away your exhaustion with its immense beauty and unlimited nature tripping possibilities.

Three colours dominate: Green, Red, and White Trinities. These are the colours of the different geological rock layers that often intertwined with each other to create one spectacular view. The Green Trinities dominates the western part which is heavily timbered. If you are looking to find a lot of privacy, you will most likely find it here since this is least explored of all the areas. The Red Trinities consist of iron-rich meta-sedimentary rocks with rather unproductive soils, but numerous lakes. The White Trinities consist of granite peaks, meadows, and dozens of lakes. Here you will find similar rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada

Whitewater Rafting, Kayaking and Swimming

Shasta Cascade Region waters can be calm to let you wiggle through as you swim bare to see the corals and dance with different kinds of fish and it can also be rough to make your kayaking adventure wild with natural waves. There are two places you can visit for kayaking and whitewater rafting: The Klamath and Trinity River. You will need a guide for both. The guide will already include drift fishing trips, kayaks and other equipment. You can get it touch with Big Foot Rafting, River Dancers Rafting and Kayaking, and Wildnerness Adventures.

For swimming, you can try the Whiskeytown National Recreational Area. The clear blue beach can give you some relaxing work out or you can choose to lay under the sun for some tan on its wide shore. You can also explore the area’s cove with a canoe, kayak, boat or sailboat.

Mt. Shasta is not as popular to many tourists and in hindsight, it may be good for the area. It allows the benefits of being left alone which only makes it more ideal and beautiful to those that actually go there to explore.


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