Some of the greatest fishing in the World can be found in the Canadian Providence of Saskatchewan but you don’t need to be a fisherman to enjoy the many fishing lodges that can be found there. If you want to be practically guaranteed a chance to catch some world-class fish then you definitely should consider a fish trip to Saskatchewan.

Types of Fishing Lodges in Saskatchewan 

Some of these lodges are located along the same waterways. An example is Lake Athabasca, which has 4 different fishing lodges located along it. If you plan a trip to one of the lodges along Lake Athabasca, then you can easily visit the other lodges to get a tour and see if it is somewhere you may plan to fish at on your next Canadian fishing excursion. Many fishermen who visit Saskatchewan are eager to return.

Each lodge will be a little different. Some are very luxurious with many amenities while others are more rustic. Regardless of which one you choose you can expect to have running water, a comfortable, bed, and the invaluable guidance of a local fishing expert who will not only lead you to where the fish are biting, but will also be able to advise on the best type of tackle set-up for the conditions. 

Fish Species in Saskatchewan

There are numerous fish species in Canada but the most popular for anglers to snag are the Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout, and the ever-popular Walleye.

Walleye are extremely popular because they are so easy to catch and very abundant. From many of the lodges you can simply walk a few steps from your room, cast your line into the water, and hook a Walleye. Most Walleye are between 2 ½-5 pounds but can be found larger. The best time for Walleye fishing in Saskatchewan is during the summer months of June and July.

Lake Trout are popular with fishermen from the United States. Although you have probable spent your entire life fishing trout, you have never seen Lake Trout the size of the Canadian ones. The largest trout on record in Saskatchewan is over 80 pounds. Although one of this size is rare, it is very common to find trout up to 45-50 pounds!

Northern Pike may not get as large as the trout but it is very common to catch one that is approaching 20 pounds. Many fishermen who fish the first time for Northern Pike are instantly hooked. The reason is that the Northern Pike put up a true fight. If you want to earn your fish and have the time of your life then Northern Pike fishing is a must-add to your bucket list. 


Other Activities at Fishing Lodges

Feel free to bring your wife with you also, even if she is not a fisherman. There are numerous activities besides fishing. In addition to some of the best fishing in the World you can also go on sightseeing flights, pan for gold, hunt, backpack, hike, camp, soak in a hot tub, and check your email. Yes, most of the lodges in Saskatchewan have wireless Internet so go ahead and bring your laptop with you. Each lodge tends to offer some unique activities in addition to the ones listed above.

Fishing Lodge Costs

The costs for Saskatchewan fishing lodge trips varies drastically and it depends on many factors including location of the lodge and what season you are visiting. Some lodges can easily be driven to while other more remote lodges require you to fly in on a floatplane. Obviously the locations that require air transportation will cost more but being in a remote and rural heaven on earth is often worth the extra cost. Regardless of which part of Saskatchewan you fish you will find gorgeous and scenic terrain, but nothing beats the rugged wilderness.

Some lodges are easier to access but will fly you away from the lodge to fish in a remote water that is chocked full of trophy fish and then fly you back to the lodge. A trip to Canada for fishing can be done very economically if you plan and research in advance.

If you enjoy fishing then you need to seriously concern yourself with the dangers of fishing in Saskatchewan. Once you have fished in Saskatchewan for Lake Trout or Northern Pike then you may spoil yourself and fishing in your local waters back home will never feel as good. For the time of your life you should definitely consider a fishing trip to Canada.