Name that one thing in common that Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle MacPherson, Liberty Ross, and Kylie Minogue has? They were all spotted sporting Sass and Bide Jeans. So what makes this Australia-based jeans and clothing line the newest craze and fashion must-have? Sass and Bide Jeans simply imbibe that 'I don't care' feel, giving any woman that crazy and sexy power to truly become her inner rebellious self. Isn't the just the thing that you need when everything in the office and home seemed to just get way off your control?

Here are some things that could make Sass and Bide Jeans your favorite, next jeans must-have:

Stylishly wearable. Sass and Bide Jeans made their way in the Australian fashion scene by mixing rebellious and contradictory designs in making their ultra-sexy jeans. But what makes this pair of jeans so palatable? It is wearable: nothing too runway-crazy, just the right mix of quirkiness and edge that could make you feel and look rebellious. Who says you have to loose weight just to look great in a pair of jeans? The Sass and Bide Jeans is just the pair that you need to get you through a rough day - without even showing that you're on the rut.

Rebelliously sexy. Coming from a bad break up? The best revenge: to look beautiful. So why waste time crying over some spilled milk? Get up and become the sexiest ex ever with Sass and Bide Jeans. The Sass and Bide pull on leggings are your best bet for a girl's night out. Available in Black Rats, Beast Rats, and Zebra Rats, these Sass and Bide leggings gives you that just enough shimmer for getting back after a horrendous relationship. Feel rebelliously beautiful with easy-to-wear Sass and Bide leggings.

Get better with time. Worried about wearing your jeans too much? Sass and Bide Jeans are designed to just fade and even get better with washing. It looks amazing -- even if it got worn. You'll love your Sass and Bide Jeans even more when it got faded. Check out Sass and Bide Dresden Denim Shorts and Did It for the Club Jeans.

Look great with skinny. Scared of looking too fat or too small with a pair of skinny jeans? The Sass and Bide Jeans are made to fit ladies of any size, so you could feel tall and sexy - even with the trendiest of jeans. Nothing that's too tight with Sass and Bide Frayed Misfits skinny jeans. Look sexy, even if you don't feel like it. Believe that skinny jeans are not only made for girls with the pair of perfect legs.

Going for the classics. Quite not ready to go look too stylish? Sass and Bide Jeans Classic Wanderer is your perfect bet for that classic, vintage feel. Who says safe couldn't mean stylish? The Classic Wanderer fits you from the waist down.

Laid back. Not all denim shorts would look good on anyone. The Sass and Bide Ruffle Denim Shorts is the perfect accompaniment to any great weekend walk on the beach or even just a stride on the park. Made with a single-button closure, the Sass and Bide Ruffle Denim Shorts is perfect for anyone who's on the go. Need to feel light and just carefree? The Sass and Bide Ruffle Denim Shorts is made with 4-pocket styling that could accommodate a couple of dollars and even a shiner. Available in New Black color.