While some Satanist's may very well believe in an actual Satan (theologically); it is undeniable that modern Satanists do not typically hold this world-view. In fact, there is very little statistical evidence that "real" Satanists even exist (and if they do, it is primarily underground; where I suppose it is meant to be). On several occasions I have met "true" Satanists, yet have asked them what their purpose is, then, if anything. One would rationally assume that if one is living for a higher deity (whether it be god to Christians, Muslims, Jews or Satan for these Satanists) then one would have to do the "work of their master." The honest truth is that many of these individuals are empty. Their "belief in Satan" is a charade, and at best a comical ploy for social settings so others find interest in them.

For modern Satanists, atheism is where the belief begins. There is no god. When we die, everything ends. From reading, LaVayen Satanism falls into two categories for me:

1). A structured form of atheism which essentially allows individuals to come together with similar beliefs (or non-beliefs). This inadvertently makes Satanism function in a similar way as a church (hence, the existence of the Church of Satan organization).

2). A modern day, monetary cult.

The truth of the matter is that both seemingly occur simultaneously. I have never been at such a loss for words, because the fact of a matter is that this is not a simple logic problem. How can an organization be so negative (last I checked the Church of Satan charges 200 dollars USD for membership, and the member receives a membership card and access to an online forum), yet bring people together in such a way that is positive. Satanists do not utilize an actual "church" in the same sense as a Catholic cathedral, yet the idea of a "church" (being a concept of organized individuals with similar beliefs or non-beliefs) is seemingly a beautiful and healthy thing; as it allows for individuals who the goal of nothingness at death to at least enable themselves to find some pleasure (like living hedonistically) by interaction with others.

The question is why would any one desire this if these social interactions will in due time become non-existence and worthless. Unlike the religious stance that we come together to commune with one another so as to prepare ourselves for death and the judgment before the throne of God, Satanists may meet on the grounds that they can all acknowledge together that this existence is futile, yet find pleasure in the moment with one another. This is the ultimate reality as it relates to Satanists (and Atheists as well). They are realistic and live for the moment. Idealistic, religious concepts set the mind on the afterlife as opposed to enjoyment of the moment we have here.

As an atheist myself I can not deny that existence is fleeting. With that said, I can not imagine why anyone would desire to leave this world alone. I figure, while all is nothing and my existence as well as those I will meet is equivalent to nothing; can we all not hold hands as we edge closer to the cliff where we go from existence to non-existence?