For the moments when you need to be truly elegant, a satin tie is the best option. Classy and stylish, they are the ideal accessories for important business meetings, special dates or parties. Satin is a fabric made of either silk or polyester, using a special weaving technique. The result is a shiny, glossy front surface and a matte back. So, when you put on a satin tie, it certainly won’t go unnoticed. The color of the tie will be emphasized by the silky look of the fabric. This is why you should be careful about very bright colors, when it comes to a satin tie. You certainly don’t want to get people bling with the rays of light coming from your tie.

A lot of men opt for satin when it comes to dressing up for their wedding or engagement party. This is a very good idea, because a satin tie is a very festive accessory. You can match it with the vest and the handkerchief, and your outfit will stand out through perfect elegance and style.


Which Are The Best Colors For A Satin Tie?


Picking the right color is very important when it comes to satin. The special texture of this fabric reflects light, and you really need to consider this fact when you decide on the color. For example, you pick a bright yellow, you’ll obtain a very interesting look – it would be as you wear a tie covered in gold. Whether you’re comfortable or not with the look, you have to decide. However, each time you put on a satin accessory, make sure you check how it looks under various types of light. There is a huge difference between the way your tie will look in a darker room and the way the same tie will look outside, in full light.

A red satin tie is just what you need, when you want to stand out and make others notice you. However, a dark red is the way to go, for a sophisticated appearance. The black satin tie is the epitome or manly class and style. This is the accessory you need for special occasion, from a wedding (even your own wedding), a night at the opera, a sophisticated dinner party and so on. The shiny surface of the satin, along with the classic elegance of black, is the perfect combination. You can match a black satin bow tie with a black tuxedo and a white shirt – this classic combo works great each and every time.

An ivory satin tie is just as elegant as the black one, but a little more discreet.  They are suitable for special occasions as well, and you can match them with a darker shirt, to emphasize their look.


Get Stylish With A Stefano Ricci Satin Tie


Picking the right brand of tie is very important. A good-quality one will last for years, keeping the same shiny surface and the freshness of the colors. So, even if the tie is a little more expensive, you’ll be actually saving money, because you’ll be able to wear that tie for a long period of tie. Good quality satin lasts for years, and a Stefano Ricci satin tie is made of beautifully weaved silk, for an elegant, long lasting appearance.

If you maintain them properly, your elegant ties will make you look great for years. Satin is a delicate fabric, so don’t try to stick the ties in the washing machine, with your socks. You definitely have to take them to dry cleaning, for the best results.

Matching the tie with the rest of the outfit needs to be done considering not only the colors, but also the fabrics. If you put on a satin tie, you also need a light jacket, made of silk or similar fabrics. You can’t wear satin and wool in the same outfit, so make sure you pick the right jacket and shirt for your elegant tie.

You can find a lot of good quality ties that you can buy online, at very affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a particular brand, like Stefano Ricci, or just great looking ties, shopping online is always an option. Just make sure you get your ties from reliable online retailers.