We love to end the day with a sense of achievement.

When we feel that we have done something good, we have the satisfaction that life is worthwhile.

That is why setting goals in life is so important. You definitely enjoy the sense of satisfaction from achieving your goals in life.

How do you gain satisfaction from achieving your goals in life?

It is better to break a major goal into many smaller and achievable goals.

Here are some examples of smaller goals:

1. Exercise

You can get a daily goal for exercising. For example, if you intend to walk 10,000 steps a day, you can set it as a daily goal.

Exercise brings health benefits. You improve on physical and mental health.

2. Acceptance

This is a very hard daily goal. That means you accept who you are. You have to accept that you are not as rich, as capable or as beautiful as others.

You have to accept your faults and failings as well. All of us are imperfect persons living in an imperfect world.

There is no way that an imperfect person can change the world to perfection.

Life is, and always will be, full of unfulfilled dreams and frustrations.

The only person you can possibly change is yourself. Even then, it is impossible to become a perfect person.

That is why accepting your strengths and potentials is better than trying to change others or change the world.

3. Family time

You need to set time for your family.

Most of us know the importance of setting aside time to finish work. However, you may not place the same importance to your family members.

You need to set aside an hour or more to talk and love your family members.

When you are able to spend quality time with your family, you are achieving your goal of showing love to them.

4. Time for yourself

You need to set aside time for yourself.

You need to relax and improve on your character. Morning is always a rush hour to get to work, and get the kids to school. Evening is the only time to unwind and reflect on the day.

5. Save money

Your resources, especially money, are limited. You can set a daily goal of saving money for rainy days.

You are achieving your goal of being financially free when you learn the virtue of delayed gratification.

The virtue of saving money spreads to the saving of other resources, such as time and energy.

Achieving your goals in life brings satisfaction.