If you want to find out about the sauna weight loss, you came to the right place. In this article I'm going to show you why sauna weight loss really does work. After reading through you will understand why it works and why you should conduct such weight loss treatment along with others for greater results.

Weight Loss by Sauna Doesn't Melt Fat

Studies are showing that saunas really help in losing weight. But you have to understand that saunas don't, never have, and will never melt fat. Not even infrared saunas melt fat. In reality what they do is get rid of excess salt. How? By sweating , of course.

Salt is very important for your weight loss efforts because it retains water in your body. Salt is a natural water retention device because you need a lot of water for your body to stay detoxified. Excess salty foods naturally build up salt in your body and therefore keep it inside for the process of detoxification.

If you want your weight loss program which includes sauna to work, you should definitely reduce the excess salt input. Your diet program will now contain less salty foods. As long as you keep this diet under control, you should have no side effects whatsoever.

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss – What About This ?

What's so special about infrared sauna weight loss , and how does it differentiate from the standard one ? Well, the infrared sauna radiant heat heats your body but it doesn't heat the space around it.

Although these saunas are very costly, because you can use them at home, they are generally a better option for weight loss. First of all, you can use them from the comfort of your home. Second of all, high temperature spreads the bacteria, and you don't want that, do you? Third, you don't have to be surrounded by other sweaty people.

I hope that by reading this article you've gained some knowledge on sauna weight loss and how it works. I've shown you the difference between the standard and the infrared saunas and their pros and cons. Keep in mind though, that this kind of weight loss only supplements your general weight loss plan, which should always be changing your lifestyle and habits.