Sweating can Make you Healthy

The sauna consists of a wooden room with heaters; they produce high temperatures and help the body to combat stress, insomnia and improve our general health by improving the immunity system and release physiological pressures.

 Although there are multiple benefits of the sauna, there are also a few precautions that should be considered if you are using it for the first time; this article tries to explain the many factors involved.


 Health Benefits

 1)   Healthy arteries and reduction of the risk of heart attacks; the normal temperature of the sauna is between 70°C and 200°C; as our body is not used to the heat that the sauna produces; our circulatory system starts working harder reducing the artery plaque thanks to the increase in blood flow. Clogged arteries are one of the major risks of heart attacks and strokes; the additional effort of our heart (pumps harder) brings innumerous benefits to our organism.

 2)   Weight Loss: The sauna can be considered a light exercise; the heat makes our heart work harder and contributes to weight loss; although it should not be abused.

3)   Improves the skin: It eliminates toxins of our system; our capillaries dilate to push out the heat of our organism and at the same time increases the defenses of our body, making our skin look better; there is also the negative effect of trapping dirt in the follicles as our body will automatically try to retain the moisture by resisting the heat; this side effect is outweigh by the many benefits.

4)   The sweat will open the pores and remove heavy metals from our organism (mercury, zinc, nickel and lead), it also eliminates alcohol, nicotine and sodium; some of the minerals needed for our body to function properly can be easily replaced with an isotonic drink.

5)   It combats insomnia and stress by releasing endorphins; the chemical in our body that decreases the negative effects of stress and induces sleep.

6)   Improves arthritis: the positive effect on our locomotor and psycho-emotional state helps to relieve of arthritic pain and improves overall musculoskeletal disorders.



 Although the sauna provides many benefits to our health, it is important to consider the possible risks:

1)   You should always consult with your doctor if you are pregnant; have diabetes; problems with your circulations, or history of heart and respiratory problems. The use of the sauna in these cases should be carefully monitored.

2)   Dehydration: it is important to drink water or a recovery drink after the sauna as you can lose up to two liters of water during a sauna session.

3)   The maximum recommended time is around 15 to 20 minutes; if you want to use it for longer then leave the sauna after the recommended time and have a cold shower; you can come back after for another 5 to 10 minutes.

4)   The maximum recommended sessions during a week is only 3.

5)   Try to avoid the sauna if you are not feeling well; if you feel unwell during a sauna then leave immediately and drink a glass of water.

6)   Do not perform vigorous movements of exercise during the sauna; our system is already working overtime to cope with the heat.


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