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Due to the success of 25 Money Saving Tips, I have decided to share some more money saving ideas. What follows is another hotchpotch of tips that should increase your cash flow. Some will be small changes that will only help you save pennies and some will be big changes that will help you save a lot more of your hard earned cash. You could see immediate changes even if you only take on a few of these tips. As a bonus, I have included a few tips that will earn you money too.

Credit: CSJW

1. Earn money at home.

Everyone wants to find a bit of extra cash and lots of us want to be able to work from home. Check out all of the internet’s online earners and choose the right ones for you. You’re going to have a lot of trial and error, but earning money from home is possible. There are pay per click sites, affiliate sites, survey sites, writing sites, and a whole host more. If you hit the right combination, you can earn a living online.


2. Do your food shopping online.

If you do this you will save money. Almost everyone is guilty of impulse buying, but when your shopping is done from the comfort of your own home, you can avoid many of those sneaky marketing tricks that the supermarkets use. You’ll also save on fuel if you don’t have to drive to the shops.


3. Switch everything.

Some banks offer a cash incentive if you move your account over to them. There are usually a couple that are advertising such offers at any given time. There are also savings to be made by switching energy providers, so keep an eye out for who’s offering what and when. The companies will do all of the hard work and you can just relax and watch the cash stack up.

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4. Get free computer software.

The huge computer companies are huge for a reason. They sell just about everything that they produce and we buy it because we recognize their brands. We get caught on a kind of confidence trick, and while big firms do offer quality products, smaller firms can also give good value. The best value that you can get is free so check online for free software when you’re looking to install something. Good word processing software and antivirus software can be found for nothing if you look hard enough.


5. EBay your life.

Don’t put yourself on EBay unless you’re willing to be bought by somebody. I’m talking about gathering all of your junk and putting it on auction sites. People out there will buy just about anything so what have you got to lose except your bizarre collection of doggie toe nail clippings?


6. Fleece your friends.

There are loads of things that we need to get done but a lot of the time we can’t be bothered to do them. Well, if you have no shame, you can ask your friends if they wouldn’t mind you doing their chores for them. I’m talking about walking their dogs or doing their ironing. Many small businesses have opened up this way, and you could earn a nice bit of spending money.

7. Be a loyal customer.

Loyalty cards have their critics. Many cards are designed to keep you spending in certain stores, but there can be some great benefits. Check out what other people are saying about the types of loyalty cards that are available in your area. Marketing schemes will tell you that loyalty cards are unbelievably amazing but your friends will tell you the truth. If you get on a good loyalty scheme you could reap the benefits.


8. Insulate.

Make sure that your house is well insulated. A well insulated house will bring your heating bills down by a lot. Certain government initiatives could mean that you get insulation for nothing so do a quick search for free insulating schemes in your area. I believe that everybody should be on the lookout for such schemes. You’d be mad not to.


9. Pay as You Go or Contract?

There are clear benefits to both types of deal. You need to analyze your usage and figure out which is best for you. Some schemes offer amazing deals so checking the market regularly could save you big time. Don’t be afraid to jump between providers. If you want savings then be as aggressive, in the mobile phone market, as the mobile phone companies are themselves.

10. Dry brush.

Well almost. Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth. This is a really old tip but it is one that still needs to be mentioned. You can pour loads of water down the drain in the time that it takes to brush your teeth, so the next time you leave it on, imagine that the water is a steady flow of pennies. Even at a slow rate, you’ll realize that you’re pouring money down the drain.


11. Don’t drive it like you stole it.

Become a Sunday driver and see how much you can save on fuel and your car’s wear and tear. The benefits of driving more economically are well known but many of us still feel the need to rag our motors. Let’s face it, on today’s roads, are we really going anywhere quicker or are we just speeding our way to the next inevitable traffic jam?


12. Keep your loose change.

If you don’t already own a penny jar get one. I throw all kinds of change into mine and I rarely go through it. It’ll soon fill up, and when it does you can take it to one of those big counting machines. You’ll only get a small amount of cash but it’s always nice to have notes in your hand.

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13. Get Christmas out of the way early.

Pick up your Christmas gifts throughout the year. Most guys will leave shopping to the last minute, but they then end up paying more than they could have. Buying throughout the year allows us to spread the cost of Christmas. A couple of things a month certainly beats shelling out half a month’s wages just two days before the big day.


14. Benefit from benefits.

A lot of us are already claiming benefits from the state, but there are lesser known benefits that are available. If you wear a uniform to work you might be able to claim money for washing it. Some firms already have a provision worked into your pay, so you’ll have to explore, but most expect you to pay for the up keep. The government should give you tax relief if you fall into that category. Another benefit that people don’t make the most of is the relief on buying equipment for work. There is a provision that allows you to reclaim some of the cost of items if they were bought for your job. The big one here is laptops. You can even claim half of the cost back if you use the laptop partly for work and partly for personal use. Do some digging, and find out what other benefits are out there.


15. Shower at work.

If you can that is. If you have the facilities and the time you can jump into the shower at work. There are a couple of benefits here. You’ll obviously save on household water and heating bills but you’ll also feel like you have more time when you’re at home. Do check to see if you’re allowed to shower at work first. If you’re a lecturer and you’re stripping off in the ladies’ showers at college you might get the sack.

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16. Gift the gift of a gift.

Some people use this tip year after year. If you get a gift that you didn’t really want, you can wrap it back up and give it to somebody else. Be careful not to give it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place as that might be considered a faux pas. You might want to be careful about giving away foodstuffs too. There is a possibility that someone might have already rewrapped your gift and you don’t want to end up in a game of Russian Roulette with a five year old box of chocolate liqueurs.


17. Dig out your old clothes.

Go through all of your clothes and sort out which ones are still good to wear. We all have clothes that we have given up on, but there could be some that we’ve forgotten about. Rather than going out and buying new stuff you can revive some of your old stuff. Be careful not to dress up in that shell suit that hasn’t seen the light of day since 1991. I don’t think that they’re back in fashion yet.


18. Movie night is charity night.

When you’re considering watching a movie, get down to the charity shops. There are always loads of cheap movies in those places and the prices are almost criminal. You might not get to watch the latest blockbuster using this tip but they don’t make good movies anymore anyway. The bonus of buying a super cheap movie in a charity shop is that you’ll then own it. You can sometimes find some pretty good box sets for next to nothing too.

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19. Become a hippy.

No. Don’t become a hippy. Buy a hip flask. If you like to drink spirits you can save heaps of cash by sneaking your hip flask into the bar. Buy yourself a drink to start with, and then top it up as and when you need to. Don’t get caught though. Some places get really pissy about that sort of behavior.


20. Eat your own junk food.

Buying takeaways all the time will kill your bank balance. You can cook a store bought pizza in about half the time that it takes to get a delivery to your door and it will cost you a hell of a lot less. Homemade burgers are also a tasty option. If you do crave a certain outlet’s food try to buy it less often. I know it can be hard, but it’ll be worth it.


21. Cut down your carbon footprint.

If you take a bus to work then get off a couple of stops early. If you drive to the shops to buy milk and butter try to walk or cycle. If you normally take a helicopter to your race track then take the limo instead. Simply put, try to cut down on how much you’re spending on fuel. Choose the free or cheaper option as often as you can. Good savings can be made here due to the high cost of fuel.

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22. Change your career.

This applies to car insurance. There are savings to be made all over the car insurance market. I could write a whole article on just that, but I’ll give you just one here. Play with the profession tab when getting a quote. Certain jobs have lower premiums and if you hit the right description then you can save money. Don’t lie. If you claim to be a school teacher but you are really Evel Knievel’s stunt double you’re going to get into trouble when they find out.


23. Get your car serviced.

Many people don’t bother to pay for that annual car service and then they complain about hefty repair bills. If you service your car regularly you can avoid many of the little problems that your car might develop. Another benefit is that you can see potentially bigger problems coming and that will give you the opportunity to get rid of your car early if you need to.


24. Don’t heat the street.

Check the timer on your thermostat or boiler. If your heating is kicking in while you’re at work then you’re paying to warm up an empty house. The same goes for having the heating on at night. Sometimes you might want it to switch on during that particularly cold period during the night, but you probably don’t need it at full whack all of the time. Take the time to learn how to set it and then have a think about when you’re going to need it on. Big savings can be made.


25. Compare notes.

There are hundreds of forums and online communities that exist in order to share information on how to save money. Do a search, and find out which ones have the best advice. There’s no way that you’ll do everything that you find on such sites, but you’ll probably come across a few more useful tips. Everyone seems to want to keep hold of their earnings and lots of us like to share our methods. If you find any gems then please add them. Every little helps.