Would you like to save some significant money on your Valentines Day dinner reservations? If money is tight like it is for most people these days the thought of planning for Valentines Day this year can be stressful. You want to treat your wife, girlfriend, or partner to a nice romantic dinner out on the town complete with all the best food and in the right atmosphere, but most of the best places cost an arm and a leg. There are ways however of finding significant savings on dinner reservations for occasions even as special as Valentines Day. One of my favorite places to find these savings is Restaurant.com.

This website has been well known to a small group of internet users who are keen on saving money. Most internet savvy users have tried out Restaurants.com however there are many misconceptions with using their services.

This website basically serves a couple of purposes. It is a means for new or less well known restaurants to branch out of their local market and catch the attention of new customer's that otherwise wouldn't know about them any other way. Instead of spending their money on advertising to mass markets they instead offer discounts to customers finding their restaurant through this website. Basically the only money they spend is on customer's walking through the door. From their perspective they are gaining a new customer client for their expenses on Restaurant.com.

From the perspective of the customer however Restaurants.com is able to introduce you to a great variety of new and trendy restaurants and offer you discounts for buying dining credits. Basically as a customer all you have to do is find a local restaurant in your area which specializes in the type of food you want to eat and then you simply buy credit for eating at that restaurant for pennies on the dollar.

In normal times you can usually head over to Restaurants.com and buy $35 gift certificates to your chosen restaurants for $10 to $20 a piece however if you sign up for their mailing lists you will often find that periodically throughout the year they have significant sales where you can pay as little as $2 for a $35 gift certificate. If you shop very carefully in advance for specials like this you can end up saving substantial sums on your meals.

For instance if you were going to go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate Valentines day with your girlfriend, wife, partner, or other significant other you may be able to buy a single $50 gift certificate for $5 or less. If the bill ends up being $90 then you will end up only spending $5 for the certificate, $40 for the remainder of the bill and then tax and tip. This equates to approximately a 50 percent savings.

Of course you will have to get over the stigma of using gift certificates at dinner and you will want to read some fine print as each restaurant has its own stipulations. Some require you to spend a certain amount during the meal to use a Restaurants.com certificate and some others have different requirements on the day of the week the credits are valid.

One notable stipulation you should watch closely for is for validity on holidays. It is a good idea when planning a Valentines Day reservation to call in advance to not only book the restaurant but also to make sure the use of these certificates are going to be accepted on Valentines Day night. You may find that some restaurants will not honor them on Valentines Day and that's important information to know up front.

Saving money on Valentines Day dinner reservations using Restaurants.com is not all that hard. The steps you need to follow in preparation are quite easy to follow and the dinner will be far cheaper than a standard night out on the town. You may not find many places in your area which are considered to top dining spots in your city and you may not find any places as glamorous as a Valentines Day dinner cruise or other similar special event but there are almost always hidden gems in most neighborhoods and these restaurants are just dying to find new customers.

Another thing to keep in mind if you plan on using these gift certificates for your Valentines Day reservations is that the earlier you do your planning the better the savings are going to be on your Valentines Day dinner. Restaurants.com often has deals and sales on the restaurants that they offer savings for but these sales do not happen all the time. You have to join their mailing list and wait for the offers to be released. Some online comparison shopping websites can also offer special promo codes for the website which can further improve your savings.

If however it is close to the time you need to make reservations you can still count on good savings for your dinner even without using a promo code. The overall savings you realize on your Valentines Day meal may be less but they will still be substantial, in the 10-20 perce nt range. Remember that the certificates are not usually valid for purchases of alcoholic beverages or corkage fees so plan accordingly. If you plan on saving as much as you can on your dinner then these are details that you can't overlook.

Bringing in your own bottle of wine may save you fifty dollars easily on the cost of buying a fine bottle of wine at the restaurant but the corkage fee can not be applied toward your final bill. Depending on the type of dinner you are planning you may find that your bill will be large but not much of it will be food. If this is the case then buying a smaller gift certificate at Restaurants.com will suffice. There's no point bringing in a certificate for $50 if your meal by itself only costs $30. Plan wisely and you should experience maximized savings. And don't worry about using a certificate to keep costs low, most people these days are on board with saving money wherever they can and your loved should feel the same way.