Microsoft Publisher is a fantastic desktop resource to create professional, eye-catching documents and pamphlets to promote your local business, your local team or readily meet any other small scale publishing requirements. Microsoft Publish can be limited when distributing your terrific documents electronically, as Publisher is not widely bundled with most new PC's and is almost non exist on Apple products. To allow other people to view your creations on their PC's, you need to save your documents in the much more common Portable Document Format (PDF) format.

Using this method will ensure that your file is copied into PDF format no matter which version of Microsoft Publisher you are using.

Things You Will Need

A version of Adobe PDF Reader - This comes pre-installed in all modern operating systems
Microsoft Publisher - Any version from Publisher 95 to Publisher 2010
A PC running Windows Operating System from 98 - Windows 7

Step 1

Have your document open in Microsoft Publisher.
In the top right hand corner, left click FILE and then Print
*Note, we are not going to physically print your document.

Step 2

Under printer name, select Adobe PDF
Click PRINT in the bottom right hand corner

Step 3

A new dialog box will be displayed, asking you where you would like to save your file.
Select an easy to remember space so that you can find the file, so that you can distribute your creation to others later.
Once you are happy with your location, click SAVE
And that is it. You have now save a copy of your Microsoft Publisher file as a PDF which you can distribute to your friends, family or colleagues.

Tips & Warnings

This process will make a copy of your Microsoft Publisher file. If you would like to go back and make changes to your finished product within Microsoft Publisher, you will need to open the original *.PUB file and not the newly created *.PDF file.
*.PUB files should never be directly published on the Internet (other then to have other people work on them) due to the limited number of users who will be able to view them because they do not have Microsoft Publisher or a Microsoft Publisher Viewer installed on their computer.