Everyone is looking to save money.  This can be achieved by opting for one of the broadband and phone deals that are offered by all the major service providers.  These packages allow you to consolidate your telephone line cost and your internet connection cost into one charge.  Many people choose these bundles because of the convenience they bring.  You no longer need to make two payments to two different providers every month.  For those consumers who get charged for debit orders or based on the number of transactions through their bank account, this will be an additional saving.

Confusion about Broadband and Phone Deals

The sheer number of deals that are available is enough to cause confusion among consumers.  If you are considering one of the deals it is imperative that you sit down and answer a few questions. 

Is it an option for you to use separate providers for each service you require? 

Will you be saving money and time? 

The fact of the matter is that these bundled deals will probably offer you very competitive rates.  The important thing is that, as with any new service you require, you should take all the facts into consideration prior to signing a contract.


The ultimate goal for most people is the bottom line saving.  This may be the case for you as well, but you should not compromise on your needs.  Cheaper broadband will save you money in the long run, but at what cost?  Consumer group research indicates that the most important concern for most consumers is the cost.  This may be so, but are you really benefiting by having cheap internet when you spend more time trying to access the sites you want to visit.  The next factor in importance is the speed that the broadband allows you to upload and download at.  If you have low speeds your entire internet experience will be slow.  Value for money was lowest on the results of the research done but is perhaps the key!

A decision to make is linked to your personal requirements.  You may want a monetary saving, but what are your real needs?  How are you going to be using the internet?  The customer support and technical support levels should also be considered and you should decide how important these factors are to you. 

What about Line Rental Costs?

To attract you to their broadband and phone deals, many providers highlight the prices that they think will matter to the consumers.  These amounts are not always representative of what your actual cost is going to be.  There are additional costs such as line rental that is not always included in that bold price.  To get an accurate view of your total cost you should add the cost of the deal to the additional costs.  Once you have done this, it may become apparent that although the deal may still be worth your while, it is not quite as attractive as it first appeared to be.

Call Rates

Before you sign a deal, check what your call rate schedule is.  Call rates are important, yet it is one of the most overlooked parts of signing a telephone line contract.  This is the area where most telecommunication companies make their money.  They often try to make up the reduction of the price that you first see by working it into the eventual call cost structure.

Consider how much use you actually make of a landline.  If your usage is moderate to high, you should consider signing up for a more expensive deal as the cheaper deals generally have higher call rate charges.  Many people very rarely make use of their landline because they use their mobile phones or email.  If you fall into this category, then the call rate structure will not affect you.

If you do make high end usage of your landline, you should assess the times that you most use the phone.  If it falls during peak hours, you will be better off opting for a deal that offers you a higher level of anytime calls.

Fast broadband

Nowadays, with mobile phones having become almost part of our daily life, many people simply need a landline so that they can acquire broadband.  Before you make a decision as to the type of broadband you need, you should assess your broadband habits.  If you are a low level user, you will not require a high data allowance limit.  If you are a moderate user, you should opt for the mid-section of the deals that are on offer.  For those of you who love being on the internet, do video conferencing, download movies on a regular basis, you may want to consider choosing the unlimited allowance deal.  These deals may be slightly more expensive, but at least you know you will not run out of bandwidth in the middle of the month.

The speed of the broadband you choose is also important.  There is no point in having an unlimited data cap if it takes hours for you to download the smallest file.  This is where the different providers come into their own.  Some of them will be able to offer you much higher speeds than others and this is what you should be after. 

New Telephone Line

If you have just moved or are in a new property, you may not have a telephone line available.  You will need a landline if you opt for ADSL broadband.  You will find broadband and phone deals that offer you the telephone installation cost free if you sign up for one of their deals.  However, you should check this before you agree to the contract as some of the providers will charge you a fee for installation.

Build your Bundle

If you are in a dilemma as none of the deals that are available suit your needs, then you should look at creating your own bundle.  Identify your needs and go online to compare what is on offer.  You should opt for the deal that closely resembles your needs.