This article contains 3 quick and simple tips to reduce your energy usage during the summer months. Not all green projects require month long commitments. Sustainable living can be achieved through simple lifestyle changes. Try these out now and start making your home and life more sustainable

Plant a Deciduous Tree

If you have large windows in your house you can take advantage of natural shading and cooling properties by planting a tree. Deciduous trees lose their foliage during the winter months. By planting a deciduous tree in front of your main window, you will be shading the sun during the hot summer months and letting it in during the winter months. This allows you to take full advantage of the wanted or unwanted solar energy. You can purchase small trees for about $10 though it will take several years for you to see the benefits of natural shading. If you have a bit of money, you can purchase an older tree and start seeing the benefits immediately. You may even consider moving a tree if you have others on your property.

Grow Your Lawn

Efficient home living can also mean natural living. Let your grass grow to about twice of what you would normally let it grow to. This will allow you to cut it half as often. Lawn tractors engines are not typically the most efficient or clean engines. If you have a large property this can have a serious impact. You will save fuel, money, carbon emissions, and time by letting your lawn look a little more 'natural'.

Turn Down Your AC

Many homes are running their thermostats at inefficient temperatures. The smallest change in degrees can mean a big change in your utility bill. In the summer most people want a very cold home. This is an escape from the heat and humidity we are subjected to outdoors. Most people will set their thermostats to about 70 degrees. By setting the thermostat to 76 degrees you will save a lot of electricity and only notice a small change in temperature. If you find yourself in one room most of the time, consider purchasing a window air conditioner unit to subsidize your central air unit. This lets you keep one room cool, and the rest of the house will not need to be cooled as much (or perhaps at all) by your central air system. Remember that until recent times man did not have air conditioner. It is a luxury item and should be used sparingly.

With these 3 simple tips you are making your home more efficient, and living sustainable. They may be simple, but every little thing adds up.