How to save money on your air conditioning costs

For many of us out there the struggle between remaining cool and spending money in the hot summers is a tough one. Well here are a few tips to help make things easier for those like me who hate the extra costs.

A Healthy Air Conditioiner is a Happy Air Conditioiner

Remembering to change you filter often in the hot summer months will keep your ac unit running at tip-top shape during those really hot days. Also if it is possible it is a great idea to have your unit serviced at the beginning of each scorching season.

    The Thermostat

    The thermostat is the key to really reducing your costs. It is recommended that you keep the thermostat at 78 degrees farenheit in the summer to reach the "just right" point of cooling. If you have a programmable thermostat however it is a good idea to adjust the temperature for when you are and are not home. If you will be gone most of the day it is alright to set the temperature to a higher and more easily maintainable setting, such as 80 or even higher.

    Reducing heat

    Heat reduction is a fantastic way to reduce cooling costs. Make sure to close blinds on the side of the house that is directly in the sunlight. Additionally make sure that all unused electronics are powered off and make sure you turn of lights when not in use. Electronics all produce heat and there is no point producing any heat that is unnecessary. You can reduce your heat by using the microwave rather than the oven or stove to cook your meals. The small amount of heat a microwave gives off is minimal in comparison to the big kitchen appliances.

    Additional tips

    You can also save on cooling by running your ceiling fans, these do not actually cool you down but rather allow you to feel cooler due to the moving air. This can allow you to increase your thermostat and thus save overall. Also make sure to shut all rooms that are not in use and be sure that all your vents are not blocked by any furniture. Remember that the best way to save money with your air conditioning is to make the job easier for the unit itself and running a clean unhindered unit is the best way to do this!