Cars could be quite costly, and this is a fact that all drivers already know. There will be the cost of oil changes, maintenance and do not forget, gas! The cost of gas alone is enough to make a lot of drivers choose to get into hibernation and simply wait for them to come back down to earth. Nevertheless, that isn't a genuine choice since we still have places we have to travel to, and it will cost you money to arrive there.

Fortunately, the routine maintenance that you've to do on your car could actually help you get more usage out of the fuel you utilize. It's good to know, particularly these days, that the cash you would spend on this type of servicing could also help you save cash at the gas pump. Alternatively, if you don't have the routine maintenance performed on your car like you should, your fuel usage will surely suffer.

Among the very basic things that should be done with your vehicle from time to time is getting an oil change. Oil changes could occur every several months or even sooner, if you drive too much, however you don't want to let them slide. In fact, oil changes can help maintain your motor running efficiently, which will enable you to get more usage out of the fuel you put into your vehicle. It's also essential to utilize the proper grade of engine oil, since this could have a little effect on your fuel usage, too.

One more kind of routine maintenance that could really help you to enhance your fuel usage is getting your car tuned. Tune-ups are difficult to measure with regards to improved fuel efficiency, however it is believed that a vehicle that is correctly tuned would use 4% less fuel than a vehicle that isn't tuned and has not been for a while. While 4% might not seem like that much cash, consider it as 16 cents of savings for fuel, if the cost is $4 per gallon.

It's also extremely important to get your car examined routinely, particularly your fuel intake, exhaust and other components that could affect fuel usage. If you have a problem with a vital component of these systems, your vehicle might run, however fuel efficiency could be badly affected, which might result in losing nearly half of your fuel efficiency in some instances. It definitely pays to get issues like those fixed.

One of the most affordable, yet most effective, enhancements you could make for fuel usage would be to just replace old, blocked air filters. Even though it might not seem like an issue to drive around with filthy air filters, those could rob you of 10% of your gas mileage. Take care of this simple problem, and you'll enjoy the results that you will get.

These are a few simple and easy things that you should be already doing for your vehicle and believe me if you do them regularly your vehicle fuel efficiency will be improved greatly. It might cost you some cash to maintain your vehicle at first, however it will surely save you money in the long run.