If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to keep your pool warm, consider investing in solar pool covers.  With several different benefits, solar pool covers have become the most cost-efficient way to maintain your pools without spending a fortune. If you spend hundreds of dollars a year on heating costs and your pool does not stay heated with its existing pool liner, you need to research the benefits of solar covers. Using special materials to blanket your swimming area and trap in sunlight, these liners are far more effective than traditional pool safety covers. Refer to the benefits below and make a wise investment before swimming season comes.  

Solar Pool Covers
Credit: Hidesert

Heating Water Without Electricity

Solar pool covers are environmentally friendly and reduce the need to use electricity for heating purposes.  As you may already know, the rays in the sun carry a natural form of energy that can be converted and used in several different types of applications.  Solar lights, heaters, and other solar-powered devices are all becoming extremely popular in today's green society.  While a solar cover does not convert the sun's energy into power, it does absorb warmth from the sun's rays.  After absorbing this warmth the pool liner pushes the heat into the water and traps the heat in the water so that it cannot escape.  Pushing the absorbed warmth can heat pools up to 8 percent more. 

Reducing Water Evaporation

In addition to absorbing and transferring heat, solar covers also reduce evaporation of water.  Evaporation of water is the number one cause of heat loss.  By preventing evaporation you are reducing heat loss and the loss of water.  This will save you on both your heating bills and your water bills.  

Reducing Debris and Maintenance

Safety covers do not only keep pools warmer, they also keep them covered during windy seasons.  Falling leaves and debris can clog drains and stain the floor and walls.  By keeping your swimming area covered you will save time cleaning and save money you may spend for regular maintenance and repairs.  Liners are most commonly used off-season during fall and winter.  If you keep your swimming area protected from the elements you will save money in the future.  

Purchase the Right Cover

Solar cover applications are a necessity for everyone.  Invest in an affordable cover and save a fortune in the future.  Compare prices online and choose a quality cover using only the best materials.  With discounted prices online, you can purchase a liner for less.