Crash Waiting To HappenMan TalkingDon't talk and drive
We all know that we should not drink and drive. It's been pounded into our brains since we were old enough to start school. It probably is not uncommon that by the time most people are in they're twenty's that they know some one who has been negatively impacted by drinking and driving. We all know how dangerous it is and would never condone the action. Does it seem strange that we don't think about cell phone use and driving in the same way?

Recently a study came out that suggested that driving and talking on the phone was actually more dangerous than drinking and driving. This is a bold statement but the report, which was released by a company called Direct Line, based out of the UK, has the evidence to back it up. The test included 20 people who where subjected to a simulated driving machine. Half of the subjects where given enough alcohol to be over the legal limit of .80. The other half of the subjects where instructed to talk into their cell phones.

The results of this study were shocking to say the least. In no uncertain term the drunk drivers actually responded to situations quicker than the people talking on their phones. In some cases the drunk drivers responded up to thirty percent faster than those on the telephones. An even more freighting number is that normal sober drivers not talking on their phones responded fifty percent faster than those chatting away on the mobile phones.

Other studies are not as bold as to suggest that drinking and driving is actually safer than talking on the telephone and driving. None the less, it's a bold outcome that should have quality shock value and hopefully change some peoples habits and outlooks on phone use and driving. Other studies done by major auto industry players such as triple AAA and GM have come to lesser conclusions. One study told a different story. It found that in serious accidents, the cause was actually caused by something outside the car.

Hands free devices such as the Jupiter Jack or a Bluetooth device are helpful and studies have shown that they do help reduce the distraction on the driver. While this may help the issue it does not totally solve the problem. One thing that holds people back is the cost of having to purchase extra hands free accessories. It can be very expensive with Bluetooth devices costing upwards of 100 dollars. There are less expensive options out there such as the Jupiter Jack but the product has had some mixed reviews.

It's no question that laws will be enacted to protect innocent people. The real question is why it is taking so long for people to learn that it's not safe to talk on your phone while driving. Hands free devices are a decent alternative if you must talk in your phone but different studies have even shown that this is not a prefect solution.