Can You Really Save Marriage?

Do this and save marriage...

Having a once strong and loving marriage fall apart is a truly painful and sad thing to have happen. The good news is that if you and your spouse have just a few things in common you can save marriage and even make it stronger than it once was.

I know what I said about the two of you having a "few things in common" is all you need might sound kind of odd, but I'm not talking about the types of movies you watch or having the same sense of humor (though the more the two of you have in common, the easier the road to repairing your marriage will likely be).

What I mean by having things in common is that both of you truly want to save marriage and you are both willing and ready to put in the time and effort it will take to pull your relationship back from the edge and turn it around.

Many people will tell you that to save marriage will require a lot of work, and they're not wrong. But just how much work it will take will depend on how strong your partnership is. If you are both mature and willing to work together than it will be easier and go more quickly.

But, if one of you is more committed to making things work than the other, it will be much more of an uphill climb.  The truth is that relationships are rarely 50/50. Most of them have a balance of "power" that is not evenly split.

That's not a problem as long as the balance is fairly close, say 60/40. But when you have a relationship that has a balance of power that is totally out of whack say 70/30 with one partner carrying a lot more of the load of the relationship, that is not going to work for the long term.

It will fall apart for one of two reasons: one, the person doing all the work will eventually get sick of being a doormat and will either leave or demand that their partner start taking on some of the responsibility at which point they will probably leave, or, two, the person doing nothing will simply get bored with living with a doormat and will leave to find someone more interesting to live with.

No matter which scenario plays out, it's never a sign of a healthy relationship when one person has so much more interest and is willing to put  more time and more work in the relationship. A true 50/50 split probably doesn't really happen that often, but getting as close as possible to that point will definitely go a long way to ensuring that your relationship is not only strong, but healthy as well.

To save marriage first try to honestly assess how committed both of you are, from that point on, you can start to face and fix your issues.