Solar products save you money

Camping with solar powered products

There is nothing worse than arriving late to a camp or caravan site as the sun goes down and find there is not enough light to see or find the torch or matches to light your camp fire.  No one should leave home without some type of solar lights, as they not only save money on buying batteries or continually having to use your power to charge up your torches, the charging up is done free from the sun with no extra costs.

Solar Garden lights

These little lights are ideal for your garden or put in the car in the sun to charge up while driving to your destination.  Then at night they are safe to use in a tent a campervan or caravan.  This way you are not putting the children at risk of burning the tent down by using candles or carrying flammable fuel.  Plus the added fact is you are not paying any extra for lighting while traveling as you had them in your own garden to start with, which covers both jobs.

Hanging Solar Panel & Power Bulb

These are a really nifty idea as they come with their own little solar panel which comes with its own power pack, approximately 10” x3” with a long cord that attaches to a round light. The solar panel can be charged while attached to a caravan awning by a slide clip and the light can be hung anywhere in a van or tent or even under the backyard umbrella.

It has a circular lamp light with a lead which clips into the solar panel at night when you need extra lighting.  Of course you will need to charge the panel up in the daytime for approximately 6 hours so it is ready for use after dark.

We have used ours hanging near the fire under a tree and also inside our caravan at night to save our battery power.  Keeping that power to use for the TV or charging up our laptops and phone.

Solar Emergency Indoor & Outdoor Lantern Lamp Light

This little lantern is great to use for any occasion. Even use it in the garage if the car breaks down. Or out under the patio or at your favorite camp or fishing spot.

It has a super bright LED light with own solar and rechargeable battery. You can even control the level of light intensity by turning the on off switch.  It is approx 20” x 14” in size so it won’t take up too much room. Once it is fully charged up in daylight it should give you approximately 4-5 hours of light.

Reliance Products Solar-Spray 5 Gallon Portable Shower


Just because you are out camping doesn’t mean you have to go without a good shower especially if camped near the river you can use the river water and fill up one of these solar portable showers and no one can accuse you of smelling a little fishy after a few days of fishing.

This 20 litre black polyethylene portable shower heats the water free from the sun’s rays. It also comes with its own cord and hook for easy hanging and a thick hose which eliminates kinking.


Sunforce Polycrystalline Solar Panels


The Sunforce 80 watt Solar panel with the Sharp Module enables you to harness the suns powerful rays creating power to run or charge up laptops, phones and lighting while out enjoying your camping or caravan holiday.


As long as the sun shines you will have an abundant supply of power which will save you money on your power bills.  Let’s face it you cannot beat having free power. Solar power is also clean and pollution free and virtually maintenance free.


These come with a voltage tester with wiring and accessories to make your installation easy to do.  They need to be connected to a compatible charge controller which prevents the solar panel from overcharging or damaging your connected batteries or electrical system.  These can be used separately or connected with others to give you more power.  

More information on Traveling with Solar

If you add a solar panel to your caravan and your car then you can camp anywhere and still have power in your van even on overcast days.