save money christmas shoppingChristmas time can be a very expensive time of year, because of shopping for all the Christmas presents. But there are definitely ways to save money Christmas shopping and I’ve put together some tips for you that should help.

  1. Make a Christmas Shopping List: 

    Make a list of who you need to buy presents for and what you plan to buy them. Even if you aren't specific on exactly what you want to buy them, having some idea will help you when you are shopping for sales. 

  2. Start Early:

    The earlier you start in the year, the better. You will be able to get better deals by taking advantage of more sales and promotions. And you will probably be able to get your loved ones presents that they will enjoy more than if you were scrambling at the last minute. 

  3. Shop Sales: 

    Once you have your Christmas shopping list put together you can start watching sales. Monitor daily deal sites and flash sale sites so you are aware of great deals. Both daily deal sites and flash sale sites often have products at greater than 50% off. Also watch sales in your local store circulars. You will probably already have an idea of what the gifts you plan to buy cost, so when you see a “wow” price on one of the items you plan to buy, that’s when you should buy it.

  4. Shop Online: 

    Sometimes it is cheaper to do your Christmas shopping online. Stores give out free shipping and they give out coupon codes that make items cheap. To get the most out of shopping online subscribe to a deals blog to help you save money. The sooner you subscribe the better, because there are deals year-round that can help you get your Christmas shopping done for every cheap.  For example, recently there was a $25 off any purchase code to MyHabit, Amazon’s flash sale site. You could have gotten anything on the site that was less than $25 for free, and shipping was free also.  So you could have gotten something off your list paying $0, and it would have arrived at your door step within two days. We see deals like that all the time, so subscribe to a deals blog so that you don’t miss out!

  5. Amazon Prime: 

    Get your free Amazon Prime and use it to get all your Amazon purchases shipped for free. This makes it easy to buy little things like stocking-stuffers on Amazon since there is no dollar limit you need to reach for free shipping. You can use all the swagbucks you have earned to pay for your Christmas gifts on Amazon!

  6. Cashback Sites: 

     Make sure you do any of your online Christmas shopping through cashback sites. Cashback sites give you a percentage of what you spend back in a check that they mail to you. You can just take the check they mail you to a bank and cash it or deposit it. Merry Christmas to you!

I hope these tips help you make your Christmas merrier by helping you save money Christmas shopping!