Commercial flea collars and flea control products are very expensive and don't always work. It's hard to watch your pet scratch constantly in discomfort and you know you can't apply another flea control application for 2 more weeks! There is a more cost effective home remedy to kill fleas and you probably have the solution right in your home.

There are hundreds of uses for vinegar. It is environmentally friendly and in many cases actually works better than chemically based commercial products. Nothing was working on my pets, their fleas just would not go away and I grew tired of spending money every few months on commercial flea products that didn't work. I decided to try a home remedy and once I began using a vinegar shampoo on my pets I never bought another flea control product again. If your pet's fleas are out of control try bathing him in a solution of:

  • 1/2 White distilled vinegar
  • 1/2 Dawn Dish Soap
  • Warm water

You will be amazed as you watch the fleas fall right off and die in the bathtub. You can follow up with your favorite good-smelling doggy shampoo if you prefer. In between shampoos you can mix a clean spray bottle with half Vinegar and half water and use it to spray your pet down, just be careful to avoid the eyes and inside the ears. The vinegar is great for your pets coat and don't worry the smell goes away after a few minutes. If your pet doesn't like to get "sprayed down" you can alternatively dip a comb in a cup with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water and comb the fleas out.

The vinegar spray bottle can also be used to spray down your furniture and bedding to kill the fleas, if you prefer you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a nice smell. You can also wash your bedding and clothing in vinegar to get rid of the fleas, vinegar makes a wonderful fabric softener too!

How to kill Fleas in Your Carpet?

Even though you usually can't see a flea if they are on your pet then they are in your carpet too. A good way to test this is to leave a bowl of vinegar out overnight and watch how many dead fleas are in it the next day.

If you have fleas embedded in your carpet you can use salt to kill them, just sprinkle salt on your carpet, let it sit and it will kill the fleas. You can vacuum up the salt after about 20 minutes but I prefer to leave it on until the next day.