Save Some Money, be Your Own Life Coach

Much has been made of this new career for this new generation, that of "Life Coach." When I was kid, and I'm 44, we called these people 'busybodies." We certainly didn't pay them to tell us what to do. Or some of us called them mothers. Those of us who were lucky enough to have mothers who saw only good in us, and told us we would be whatever we set our sights on, even the President of the United States, back when that was job third graders aspired to.

No one had heard of a "Life Coach." In all fairness, the certified ones don't tell you want to do. They spend a lot of psychic energy ascertaining what YOU want to do. What would it look like? What is it going to cost? How do you think you are going to do it? It's like therapy with a goal. It's like cheerleading without a game. "Proceed as if," one life coach advised a close friend of mine, "you HAVE the money."

Which of course he didn't. . . .he felt sort of foolish later, when the seller told him the only concern was investment funds. Where really was my friend going to get the start-up cash. Was it a trust fund? Was it a secret? How about there wasn't any money, just a really good idea. It's not over until I say its over. Was it wrong to proceed "as if?" I suppose no one would ever fly if they knew they were going to flop.

Actually, I like the idea of life coaching. I like the nice way it makes me feel when I hear those wonderful words "You can do it." Or better yet, "I AM doing it." I am writing a lot. I am submitting, I am spending time on the internet researching, due diligently. I am buying books on I want to reinvent myself. The betrayal of my former husband, coupled with the twists and turns of this recession have left me few alternatives besides coaching myself.

I recommend you dig deep. Spend at least half and hour a day meditating. Slow down and focus. Don't think about nothing, think about something! Imagine what you want. As if it's real. If you can't imagine it, it won't happen. That's how rich people bobble up again after market crashes and failed returns. That's why poor people don't benefit instantly from typing classes or work force seminars. They don't have a MEMORY of being successful.

If you don't have a memory of being successful, of being comfortable, of ever getting what you want, start creating it. Visually at first, but in writing too. In the present tense. Give thanks to the universe every day for what you have. Both in the now, and in the NOW. Make it real.

It's the only stimulus package there is.