Heating your house may be a major expense for many of us. Between purchasing gasoline and paying our electricity bills all of our money tends to be gone right after pay day. It is important for us to keep our heating bills down as low as possible to save money. As important as it is to save money, it is also important for us to keep our house comfortable for us to live in. We wouldn't want to be living in a ice cold house just to save money. Find out easy ways you can start saving money on heat now and keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

-Latch all of the windows tightly. Just because you close the windows, it doesn't mean that cold air can't seep through them. It is important to close your windows and latch them when closing them for the season.

-Tightly seal plastic film over the windows. Even though the windows are closed and locked, air seems to be able to work its way in somehow. Help prevent drafts by taping plastic film over the windows. These plastic sheets really do not cost that much and it is beneficial if you cover all of your windows in your house with this.

-Close your blinds when it is cloudy out. In the winter or fall, when the temperatures start to decrease there can be days when it's cloudy and other days when it's sunny. On rainy and cloudy days, be sure to keep your curtains or blinds shut. This way your body won't be losing heat the colder windows. On days when it is sunny, keep your blinds open to draw some of that warm sun into your rooms. Many people with big windows say that they are able to heat their entire house when it is sunny outside.

-Use your fireplace often. If you own a fireplace, using it in winter will save you a bundle on your heating costs. Just be sure to be safe about it and not allow kids near the fire.

-Close your chimney and secure a cover in the damper when you are not using. By doing this you are not allowing any of the cold air to get in and the warm air to escape. Just be sure that when you use it you open it back up again. If you forget to open it back up you may have a big problem.

-Change your thermostat. It is helpful for you to turn your thermostat down when you are not home. By having your temperature high when you are not home you are wasting a lot of heat that you don't need to use. It is also helpful to use wool blankets when you are in bed so you can also turn your thermostat down. Wool blankets really help keep the heat inside. It may also be beneficial to you to get an automatic thermostat that you can program to be at the temperature you want, when you want. This way, you can schedule your thermostat to go down at night and turn up right before you wake up in the morning. You can also set it to be lowered when you go to work so you don't forget.

-Have your heating system checked frequently. You can hire a technician to come in and check out your furnace. Although there may be an expense for his services, in the long run you will save money if you have any problems. You may have to bleed your home radiator to remove any trapped air that is inside. If you are unsure of how to do this the technician should be able to show you. You can also ask him if he has any tips on keeping your heating equipment clean. He may be able to show you a few tricks to keep your system in great shape.

-Check your furnace filters often. Check your filters to make sure that they are clean. You may be able to clean them if they haven't been used much. Other times you may have to replace them. Some filters may need to be replaced each and every month. Research your furnace to find out how often you should be replacing your filter. Just by doing this you can save money on heat.

-Insulate your attic and walls. This is also a way to save money on heat that may be expensive at first, but will definitely save you money. Cold air seems to easily be able to get into your house when you don't want it to. Make sure your attic is fully insulated. If you cannot afford the insulation it may help you to store many of your things in your attic. This way your extra items you have may be able to block the cold air from entering. In doing this, keep your boxes close to the windows.

-Install new heating equipment. Even if the old equipment is still running great, it may be taking more energy than it actually needs. Be sure to check out your heating equipment such as your furnace or boiler and see if it needs to be replaced. You can lower the amount of fuel that is used to heat by doing this.

Taking action in just these few tips will greatly lower your heating bills. You will notice a difference on your bills just within the first month of taking action. You will be happy you took control and can start saving money to be used for other various things. If you are in financial troubles you may be able to get help from a state program. To find out about programs available in your area contact your electric company. It is important that you keep your house at a somewhat decent temperature. Keeping your house too cold may cause illness in the house. If you feel your house is ever too cold for you or your family, make sure you increase the temperature on your thermostat.