Save Money on Herbs

We all know how expensive herbs can be. There are ways to save money on herbs when money is tight. There are several ways to buy herbs which may increase your savings overall.

First find the herb that you need at your local health food store. Do all your research ahead of time on the herb you want to take. When you go to the health store buy the smaller bottle of the herb that you want to try. Buy the best quality herb you can afford to. Try to get certified organically grown herb products. Try the product for the length of the supply of the herb to make sure it works for you and you get the results that you expect. Do not buy trial sizes as this is not enough time for most herbal remedies to work. Buying large sizes may not save money if you find the herb causes you side effects or just does not work at all for you. There are some herbs that may not fall into this class as it may just be a supplement for a healthier body.

Once you have established that this is the herb that works for you or decide it's something you need for your health, go online, and find the same product. I found that each product I bought was $5.-$7. higher in the health store. I figured out even with postage, I could save money by buying 2 or more at a time. There are some sites online that will give you a better discount with a larger quantity as low as 1 or more.

Why not grow some of your own herbs. This will cost just a packet of seeds or the price of a already grown plant at a greenhouse. This will save so much money and the health benefits will be phenomenal. Make sure your have proper light for the herbs that you want to grow or you will be wasting your time and money.

If you are already growing the herbs in your kitchen or in your yard, why not dry some of the leaves. You can dry the herb leaves on screen frames and bottle them. They will be potent for up to a year. This will save a lot of money and you will have homegrown herbs to put in your favorite meals.

~Herbs are easy to grow and care for.

~Buy only quality herbs to insure your best health benefit.