When most people thing of beer, they thing of enjoying a nice cold one after a long day or have a few brews with some friends.  What many of you may not know is that there are many alternate uses for beer.  Beer can range from super cheap to pricey and you certainly do not want to use the specialty brews for anything but enjoying.   However, if you have a few "Natty Lites" around and don't want to drink the swill or if some beer has been skunked and you can't bring yourself to pour that precious liquid down the drain, check out these other uses for beer.

Wash Your Hair

If you want your hair to be shinier and have more volume, forget the conditioner and wash your hair with beer.  Beer is good for your hair because it has proteins that strengthen it.  Beer can also keep your hair clean because it has a low pH and is a natural astringent.

Use as a Sleep Aid

Everyone knows that a drink or two will make you drowsy and help you sleep, but did you know beer can help you sleep without even drinking it?  Pour beer in the washing machine when you wash your sheets and pillowcases.  The smell of beer works as a sedative and will help you to fall fast asleep.

Use to Kill Slugs & Snails

Beer is an effective slugicide.  Simply  pour beer into a shallow disk and leave it out overnight.  Slugs and snails are attracted to the beer and will not survive the night.

Shine Wooden Furniture

Use flat beer in order to restore shine to wooden furniture.  Simply wipe your dull wooden furniture with a towel moistened with flat beer and it will be restored to its original shine and color.

Polish Metal

Beer is mildy acidic and, therefore, effective at removing tarnish from metal around the house such as faucets, doorknobs, and metal appliances.

Soften Feet

You can soak your feet in a mixture of water and beer in order to soothe and soften dry feet.

Trap Mosquitos

College kids are not the only ones attracted to beer, mosquitos are also attracted to beer.  If you are looking for a home remedy to get rid of mosquitos, place cups filled with beer away from yourself and your group when spending time outside to attract the mosquitos.  The mosquitos will be drawn to the beer and avoid the people.  Beware though because mosquitos will be attracted to anyone drinking beer, so if you and your companions are drinking beer, don't be surprised if the beer mosquito traps are not as effective.

Trap Fruit Flies

Place a jar or can of beer filled with beer in any area with fruit flies.  Cover the container with plastic wrap and leave a small opening so that the flies can get in.  The fruit flies will be attracted to the beer, go in the container, and be unable to get out.  They will eventually drowned and no longer be a problem.

Keep Bees & Wasps Away

Like mosquitoes and fruit flies, bees and wasps are attracted to beer.  Place beer in cups away from your outdoor party or picnic in order to attract bees and wasps away from you and your companions.

Get Rid of Mice

Mice are also attracted to man's favorite refreshment.  If you have a mice problem, pour some beer into a bucket and create a ramp so the mouse/mice can crawl into the bucket.  the mouse/mice will not be able to get out and you can get rid of the intoxicated mouse/mice.

Trap Cockroaches

Place a piece of bread soaked in beer in a jar. Put Vaseline around the lip of the jar. Cockroaches are attracted to the beer, they can get into the jar but can't get out.  It's a great way to get rid of cockroaches naturally.

Fertilize Plants

The sugar in beer will help to fertilize both indoor and outdoor plants.  Just be sure to use flat beer and only a little bit in the base of your potted plants.

Remove Stain from Fabric

The next time you have a stain on your clothes or other fabric, soak the fabric in beer and let it sit.  Then dab it with a clean cloth and wash well with soap and water. 

Clean Gold Jewelry

In order to clean your gold jewelry, place your gold jewelry in a dish of beer and let it soak. Remove, rinse, and gently polish your jewelry with a dry cloth.

Loosen Rusty Bolts

The acids in the beer will dissolve rust and may dissolve enough rust in order to allow you to get the bolts loose.


You can use full, unopened cans of beer in construction of walls to act as insulation. The beer absorbs the cold and won't freeze in temperate climates due to the alcohol content.