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Lemon juice has more uses than making lemonade, adding flavor to fish, and brightening vinaigrettes.  If you are interesting in new and alternative uses for lemon juice or are just looking for ways to save money (some of these natural remedies using lemon juice are cheaper than the more common alternatives), just check out these unique uses for lemon juice.


Wash Your Hands

Lemon juice and water is commonly put in a fingerbowl at fancy dinner parties so that guests may clean their hands.  The fingerbowl has even led to numerous jokes in movies and television where the uncouth party guest attempts to drink from the fingerbowl thinking it is some kind of chilled lemon soup.  Anyway, the fingerbowl is not a pointless formality for formal dinners, lemon juice and water is actually an effective method for cutting through grease, removing smells, and washing hands.  So the next time you serve a particularly messy food, include fingerbowls of water and lemon juice for your guests or the next time you are washing your hands, squeeze some lemon juice in order to get rid of grease and disinfect your hands.

Relieve Flu Symptoms

Frequent flu symptoms include a sore throat and cough.  The next time you have the flu, skip the cough syrup and go for lemon juice and water to cure fly symptoms naturally. A tea made of lemon juice, honey, and hot water will soothe a sore throat, relieve a cough, and also help to clear your congested sinuses.

Clean a Cutting Board/Butcher's Block

By rubbing a lemon slice or pouring lemon juice over a wood cutting board or butcher's block, you can sanitize and deodorize the wood.  Don't worry about if you chopped raw meat on the board, the acid in the lemon juice will kill and microorganisms such as bacteria so you do not have to worry about a contaminated cutting board/butcher's block.

Lighten Blemishes & Scars

If you have blemishes, dark spots, or scars on your skin, placing lemon juice on the uneven pigment will help to lighten the blemishes and even skin tone.

Brighten White Loads

Add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to your clothes in the washing machine in order to brighten whites.

Brighten Fingernails

Soak your fingernails in a mixture of lemon juice and water in order to whiten and brighten your fingernails.

Freshen Household Equipment

You can freshen your household appliances using lemons. Place slices of lemons in your microwave and run the microwave in order to freshen it. Run an empty dishwasher with lemon juice in order to let it clean itself. Add a little bit of lemon juice to a humidifier to deodorize and clean it.  You can do the same with a vacuum bag.

Disinfect Wounds

Lemon juice will stop the bleeding of small wounds.  The lemon juice will also clean and disinfect cuts and scrapes.

Fight Blackheads

Lemon juice can be used to treat blackheads and acne naturally.  Use lemon juice as a toner and mix it with rose water or finely ground cinnamon powder in order to get rid of blackheads.