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Save Money When You Buy Books For School

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Save Money When You Buy Books For School

As most people will tell you, education is the most important thing that you will acquire throughout your life; however, just like nearly every other great thing in life, there is an associated cost. There is a saying that "nothing in life is free"; some things cost you money, others cost you emotions, and some others cost you time and effort. Unfortunately, education costs you all of the above. What is even more mind boggling is the cost of university books; on top of paying out 1 year's part-time salary simply to be taught, you must also pay out 3 months' part-time salary for the books to read.

What many people don't know is that there is a way to save money when you buy books for school; that way is simply knowing where to look, and what to do. After being in university for 4 years, and buying many books for school, I have picked up some tips and tricks that will allow you to save money when you buy those books for school. These tips are extremely simple and can be learned in no time; moreover, with the right experience in regards to buying books for school, you can save unbelievable amounts of money. This article will provide you with tips and tricks on ways to save money when you buy books for school; utilize them and you will surely get your next school books at a cheaper price!

Buy Used Books Privately

The amount of money that you can save when you buy books for school in used condition and through private sales will make your jaw drop to the floor. The amazing thing about used books is that the information in them does not change, just the condition of them; so if you are not a fanatic about every page not having a crease in it, then you will save money when you buy books for school by purchasing them in used condition. In addition to the better price for books in used condition, you can save even more money when you buy books for school through a private seller as opposed to a used book store. A used book store will buy a textbook for $60 and turn around and sell it to you for $80; whereas, if you contacted the seller directly you would probably be able to purchase that exact same book for $60 or $65 saving you at least $15. One of the keys to save money when you buy books for school is to buy books in used condition and through a private sale.

Look Around For The Best Price

You should always remember that at least 80 percent of the students from the previous class are all attempting to sell their textbooks. With that being said, another important factor when trying to save money when you buy books for school is to look around for the best offered price. You will find various flyers posted on school, advertisements on websites such as Kijiji, and people coming into the classroom in an attempt to sell their books. It is likely that all of these sellers will have different prices that they will be asking for their textbooks. Simply purchasing the textbook from the first available seller may make you pay up to 15 or 20 dollars more than you would had you explored all of the available options of sellers. Looking around for the best price is one of the most effective strategies when trying to save money when you buy books for school.

Bargain With Them

When trying to save money when you buy books for school you must also remember that all of the sellers are also human, and that their ultimate goal is to sell their book no matter what the price is; so long as it is decently close to the actual value of the book. After a student has completed a course, unless it is a rare circumstance, they have virtually no use for their textbook as the information in it has already been used to complete the course. With that being said, if a person is asking for $50 for a book and you offer them $40 for it, they stand a good chance at taking that offer. Although it is not the amount of money that they had originally wanted, they will find much more use out of that $40 than they will with the information from the textbook. It is important to remember to bargain with the seller when trying to save money when you buy books for school, as they are only human and are susceptible to compromise.

Ensure That They Are In Good Condition

There is no point in trying to save money when you buy books for school if you are not going to be able to read the text inside of the book. It is important to check and recognize the condition of the book before purchasing a book that you may save money on. Some things to look for are highlighter marks, missing pages, ripped pages, written notes, creased pages, and bunny-eared corners. Depending on the amount of money that you will save when you buy that book for school, it may warrant the condition of the book. But one thing to remember is the potential for resale; you will have an extremely hard time selling a book that is marked up everywhere as many people in university are very picky about these things. When trying to save money when you buy books for school it is important to ensure that the condition of the book allows it the text and art to be legible, and allows for resale capabilities.

Resell Those Books

If done correctly, you can resell those exact same books that you had bought during the previous semester for the same, or more than what you had paid for them. When trying to save money when you buy books for school, reselling those books is the most important step, as it will allow you to recouperate a good portion of the money that you spent. Imagine that the average price of a book was $60 and you had bargained with a seller that was in desperate need for cash and bought it for $45; if you could sell that same book during the next sememester for its average value ($60) you would actually make a profit, even after using the book for a whole semester! It is important to remember that there are sometimes changed in the edition of the textbook between semesters, which would sometimes make it harder or impossible to resell that book depending on the situation; however, this factor is absolutely out of your control. Do the best that you can to save money when you buy books for school by reselling them during the following semester for the best price that you can get for them!

University and college textbooks can be rather expensive, and can even be considered a rip-off through a monopolized industry. However, with the right skills and knowledge you cab save money when you buy books for school by using a combination of the above listed tips. After being in university for 4 years, I have acquired this knowledge and come up with these tips; use them to your advantage and save money the next time that you buy books for school!



Jul 10, 2010 11:19am
Good article. I have 1 in college now and I'm shocked at how expensive college books are. Great tips here, thanks!
Jul 10, 2010 12:48pm
Hi mcimicata; My oldest daughter will be starting college in the fall and this is definitely an area where we are going to try to save a little money. Nowadays, it costs a small fortune to get a higher education!! Nice article; thank you!
Jul 10, 2010 2:48pm
Tuition is costly enough without paying full price for books. Great article.
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