Tip 1:

Get rid of debt.  Pay it down or pay off it off.  Loans usually always carry an interest rate you must pay in addition to the principal.  If this interest is compounded, you will constantly be paying more on debt repayments.  Paying more now saves you money in the long run. 


Tip 2:

Shop around for the lowest rate you can get on car insurance.  There are many good insurers out there just chomping at the bits to get your business.  Let your current insurer know you are looking and mention to them the great quotes you get (of course be honest, they will likely know if your not) and see what they are willing to offer to keep your business.


Tip 3:

Buy your groceries in bulk.  If you go to large retailers and membership clubs you can get great deals.  Membership clubs will require you to pay a membership fee, but if you regularly buy a lot of groceries you can save a lot of money over time.  Saving money on groceries can add a substantial amount of money back into your family’s budget.


Tip 4:

Carpool to work or outings when ever possible.  Alternate who is driving, so all can join in on saving money.


Tip 5:

Reduce electricity use to save money.  Minimize use of air conditioning in the summer time, by opening windows and running fans.  Wear more layers in the winter time and keep the heat turned down.  Also turn off lights and unplug appliances in your house which are not being used.


Tip 6:

Avoid overdraft fees with your bank accounts.  Be sure to keep up with your account balances and amounts you are spending on a regular basis.  This is the best way to avoid overdrafts.


Tip 7:

Limit the time you spend in restaurants unless you are working in them.  If you and your family are purchasing a lot of prepared foods, you will constantly be spending more than if you prepared the food yourself.


Tip 8:

Limit your purchases of bottled water.  Instead use a reusable bottle that you can continually refill.  This saves a ton of money in the long term.


Tip 9:

If you rent, at your lease renewal date negotiate for a lower monthly rate.  The current market has driven down prices tremendously and most landlords do not want to lose tenants, they will work with you.


Tip 10:

If you do not use them, dump the gym membership.  If you say you are going to use the membership but don’t you’re wasting money each month.  You should really use it, but be honest with yourself, honesty will save you money.  Even if you stay active and go to the gym, you might even consider ways to get a great workout using what you have around your house instead of having a membership.