Old Fashioned Epsom Salt

Magnesium sulfates are naturally occurring minerals containing magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, and is hands down the least expensive health and beauty product on the market.  As a matter of fact, it is the least expensive plant fertilizer on the market too!

That is according to the old folk wisdom which has proven many a time to be years ahead of modern medicine.

If my grandmother were alive today she would frankly and briskly inform you that there is nothing that a good dose of Epsom Salt would not cure. No matter whether that dose was for her grandchildren - (me for one) - or for her roses or vegetable garden.  I am surprised she didn't feed it to her chickens, - but I wasn't always around was I?

I always thought it was kind of weird that the grandchildren and the garden needed the same medicine - but cest la' vie, cher, MoMo was in charge!

What I DID notice was that every time we went to the beach the salt water would do wonders for the acne that plagued me during those teenage years.  Oh, the angst!

Never did I realize that Epsom Salt would do exactly the same thing for my skin until I was much older.  Now, good old fashioned Epsom Salt is a staple in my bathroom.  Whilst pondering this article and trying to think of all the things it could do I started to wonder "what could it NOT DO?" 

I wash my face with Epsom Salt.  It is absolutely fantastic for exfoliating and polishing of the skin.  Actually I bathe completely and throughly with it for a total body detoxification.  Research  informes that one should start rubbing the salt from the feet up to the heart.  I just start with my face, neck, shoulders and on down.  It is wonderful.  It even acts as a deodorant soap would although I do lather my washcloth with soap then pour the salt into it. Dropping a sprig or two of rosemary into the container or into the water is just a heavenly bathing experience.  Mixing Epsom Salt into my shampoo is great as well.  My hair is healthy and shiny as a new penny.

Of course everyone knows the benefit of soaking your feet in a basin of  Epsom Salt and hot water.  The soles of your feet just draw up all the benefit of magnesium sulfate which sooths bruised muscles, reduces inflammation, sheds toxins, relieves tension and thereby lowers blood pressure. The more I learn about reflexology and the feet the more astounded I am by these old fashioned recipes our grandmothers used.  I know my grandmother didn't have a clue about reflexology but she knew to soak her feet when they hurt or her ankles were swollen!

Another great fact about  magnesium is that it is great for the heart because magnesium maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels. Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral in our bodies and is found in the salt of magnesium  (magnesium sulfate) and in nature is found as hydrated epsomite commonly known as Epsom Salt.

The name derives in England after a spring in the town of Epsom in Surrey. 

It has been centuries since man first noted the health benefits of magnesium but it is recently that the beauty industry has flooded the market with expensive creams, lotions and potions for us to buy and use.

The problem with all of these products is that they are usually laced with toxins and chemicals that you have no need for much less pay for.

I mentioned the use of Epsom Salt as a fertilizer.  Research tells me that this is not a hard proven fact.  Again, I defer to the old folk wisdom which has always been in so many ways been far ahead of modern day scientists. 

Many old fashioned gardeners use magnesium in their tomato, spinach, and pepper  gardens.  Rose gardeners swear by the use and having inherited a heirloom garden from my grandmother I can see benefit.  These old roses are extraordinarily easy to transplant and need no pruning or care from me at all. The Epsom Salt may be added at time of planting or as a spray when the leaves seem brownish. It is claimed to make the foliage more green and lush with more canes and roses.

Other benefits include:

Natural pain killer – a warm water bath with Epsom salt after a tiring day will quickly rejuvenate our body. By reducing lactic acid, produced during excessive muscular actions and which causes pain in the muscles, it helps in lowering pain and stiffness of the muscles. Use hot water mixed with 10 ounce of Epsom salt for half an hour.

 It will also reduce body odor and soothe the skin.

People who suffer migraines, bronchial asthma, recurrent cold and sore throat can also use Epsom Salt bath to get relief from the symptoms. Magnesium and sulfate are freely absorbed into our body and help in maintaining enzymatic actions and balancing electrolytes. It helps in conduction of neuro-electrical impulses generated and traversed through the neural network, thus preserving the normal neuro-muscular function. Magnesium also helps in proper utilization of Calcium, another important component required in contraction of muscles.

An aid for the diabetics – magnesium helps in the peripheral actions of insulin. Regular use of Epsom Salt will enable our body in appropriate use of insulin.

Eczema: A mixture of olive oil along with a pinch of Epsom salt is a good alternative to costly and hazardous chemical exfoliative lotions and creams. In eczematous condition, there is increased acid level in the skin due to bacterial action over the dead cells. Pouring a concentrated solution of Epsom salt over the eczematous lesion will help to heal the condition quickly.

Will kill the arthropods like itch mites and lice. It is necessary to keep the concentrated solution applied for at least 15 to 20 minutes over the infested area. After that through cleansing with shampoo is necessary along with careful combing.

Stress reliever. Epsom salt warm water bath will help in free absorption of magnesium and sulfur in our body. It can quickly replenish the depleted magnesium level. Epsom salt has the power of reducing toxins from our body. It can also partially tranquilize the central nervous system which helps in relieving stress. In presence of magnesium, serotonin levels in our body also increase.

Assisting digestion – researches have shown that sulfur helps the pancreas to secrete pancreatic enzymes which are essential for proper digestion of protein and fat. Sulfate component of the Epsom Salt has its benefit in assisting digestion.

As a colon cleanser – Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) is well known for its purgative effect. Our colon is the receptive organ for a number of toxins present in the stool. Sometimes stool is aggregated inside the colon for a long time giving rise to many toxic complications. Ingestion of a concentrated solution of Epsom Salt will readily and completely evacuate the bowel leaving a clean inner surface of colon. This will help in proper ingestion of water and nutrients in the future.

Some things never go out of style. So it is with Epsom salts, an old-fashioned remedy dating back to Greek and Roman times that continues to have many healthful uses today. Epsom Salts reduce swelling, improve lymph drainage and can help get a sluggish system up and running again.

If this is not enough for you to consider using Epsom Salt instead of expensive toxic health and beauty products, would you believe that a 50-50 mixture of Epsom Salt and dish washing detergent will clean your bathroom or kitchen tile?  As well, after you step out of your lovely Epsom Salt bath, a quick swipe will clean the ring around your tub!