Less shopping trips and money saved!

         A $3.00 bottle of window cleaner, a $4.00 stick of clothing stain remover, an $8.00 bag of grub killer, and so on,and so on. Cleaning products is a big business that brings in over 168 billion dollars a year world-wide. What if I told you the money you spend on everyday cleaning and maintenance products could be cut in half by creating your own products with cheaper ingredients and less-harsh chemicals?

        Without inundating you with a list of 1000 different solutions, let me just a few of the more common products found around the house:

  • Coca-Cola™: When you see the many uses if Coke™, you wonder why anyone would ever want to ingest the popular beverage.
  1. Clean tile grout - Pour on tile, wait a couple minutes and wipe off.
  2. Clean a toilet - Pour Coke™ into the toilet, wait 3 minutes, then flush. Oddly enough, this works for unclogging a toilet as well.
  3. Pour onto aluminum foil and apply to a rusty surface to remove rust.
  4. Remove grease stains from fabric (cloths, etc.,).
  5. You can remove oil stains from garage floors and driveways. Pour Coca-cola™ on stains, let sit for 10 minutes, then hose off. 
  •     Vinegar: Vinegar is probably the best product to have in the house as it is very versatile in household uses.
  1. Those pesky little price tags that are so difficult to get off of merchandise is a breeze for vinegar. Just soak the corners with vinegar, let it saturate for 1 minute then peel off with a credit card or your own fingernails, assuming your nails are long enough.
  2. You can remove mildew with vinegar on any surface. Most mildew products purchased, require some sort of ventilation while working with them, but not vinegar.
  3. Restore your rugs from normal wear and tear, while also removing stains. 1 cup white vinegar is needed for every one gallon of warm water.

           There are so many ways to save money in your home, and this is just the beginning. Say goodbye to cleaning products for good, because there is always a cheaper alternative. I will be writing more articles covering different product uses and many more money-saving tips in future publications.

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