Churches, speakers and musicians drain 9 Volt batteries quickly. Most change all the 9 Volt batteries in microphones and effects pedals before each performance… that is a lot of batteries and a lot of money! If your band or Church has 50 shows a year, you need 50 batteries for each instrument or mic that needs them. If you have only 3 items that need batteries, you will use 150 batteries per year. I checked prices today – my local big box store sells a single 9V for $5.89. So, if you are paying full retail price for batteries and buying them one at a time, you could be paying over $800 per year just for batteries!

But you can save money by buying 9 Volt batteries cheaply and using them wisely.


Ways to Use Batteries Wisely:

 â— Do not use rechargeable batteries. Why? Rechargeable 9 Volts typically only recharge to about 7.6V. This charge will initially create power, but is probably not enough to be reliable for a full performance.

● Do not use lesser quality batteries. These batteries will most likely get you through a set in a pinch, but really do not last as long as name brand batteries.

● Use higher quality brand name battery for long lasting reliability.

● Use a new battery at each performance.

● Use batteries left over from performances at practices.


Ways to Buy Good Batteries Cheaply:  

● Buy batteries in bulk from an industrial supplier.

Today I found Energizer 9V batteries from for $1.35 each if you buy 12 or more and $1.25 each if you buy 72 or more. You have to pay shipping on top of that, but they charge exactly whatever UPS charges if you order more than $25. So, the same 150 batteries you were paying over $800 for now costs just over $200, depending on how much your shipping is. You just saved $600! is not the only battery supplier on-line and prices change almost daily. is a site that I have frequently seen recommended. So, check prices, quantities, and shipping costs to get the best deal for you. An hour spent searching and comparing prices can save you several hundred dollars.

          Another advantage to buying batteries in bulk is that you always have extra batteries on hand. It is very annoying and extremely unprofessional to have to run out to get a battery just before a performance. My husbands’ band, Right Side Cast, has always carried extra batteries and has loaned a battery in an emergency to other bands and venues… the extra goodwill never hurts! 


So what if you don’t want to invest $75 in a case of batteries right now? 

You can still save some money…

● Watch for BOGO (Buy One Get One) or 50% Off Sales at grocery stores, drug stores, and big box stores.

● Clip coupons. If you can’t find coupons in the newspaper, try searching printable battery coupons or printable (Insert brand name of battery) coupons.

● Combine sales and coupons to get the best price.

● E-bay prices are not exceptional, but they are better than paying full retail price.  For example: today I found 5 Energizer 9V that expire in 2014 for $13.49 with free shipping (about $2.70 each). I also found a 12 pack of Energizer Industrial that expires in 2016 for $19.75 plus shipping ($1.65 each plus shipping).

● Amazon prices were actually better than the E-bay prices I found today. Amazon includes free shipping if the order is more than $25. But check both websites because battery prices change frequently.


Need free batteries? 

Larger Churches often have more lightly used 9 Volt batteries than they know what do with, so they give them away. These batteries are not reliable for smoke detectors or performances, but if you have a budding guitarist or a band that is practicing more than playing out, this can be a free source of batteries for you!



Be considerate of the planet and recycle your used batteries. There are probably many local places to recycle your batteries; my local library has a drop box. Can’t find a place? Search recycle batteries in (insert your city and state).


How do you save money on batteries? Leave a comment so we can all save money and learn from each other.