Energy Saving Ideas Are your utility bills getting you down and are you tired of those high electric bills month after month? If you answered yes to those then the time has come and you are ready to save money on electricity. Here are some simple and easy to incorporate ideas for your household to help you to tame those high energy costs and help get you out from under those monstrous monthly charges.

1) Replace your Regular Incandescent Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs to help save money on electricity. CFL's on average use about 75% less energy than your regular light bulbs do and will typically last a lot longer as well. This simple switch may not seem like much but it can make quite a difference on what you end up having to fork out financially at the end of each month towards your utility bill.

2) Be Consistent in Cleaning out your Dryers Lint Trap. Make sure that you are checking and cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer regularly to help save money on electricity. When you forget to clean out your lint trap you can expect to have to run your load of clothes through the dryer at least another 30 minutes to an hour to get them to dry but by cleaning them out often you eliminate that extra drying cycle and therefore eliminate the extra costs that are tacked on to you utility bills.

3) Check and Replace your Heating and Cooling Filters Regularly as Needed. Dirty heating and cooling filters can cause your temperature control device (heaters + air conditioners) to have to work harder and longer to attain the desired temperature. By cleaning or replacing these filters regularly you are minimizing how long and often you need to use these appliances which can help you to control and save money on electricity.

4) Close Doors and Vents to Rooms that don't need to be Heated or Cooled. Do you have a room that is used rarely or where you don't have temperature control concerns? If you do then make sure to close those doors when you have the heater or air conditioner running to eliminate the cost of heating or cooling a room that does not need it. This is a common thing that is overlooked in many households but by being aware of it you can help save money on electricity and achieve your comfort level temperature quicker.

5) Shut Off and Unplug Electronics when not Being Used. Many appliances and electronics use what is called "hidden loads" in reference to the electricity that they continue to use even after they are "shut off" or "powered down". The only way to combat Hidden Load electricity usage and help save money on electricity is to actually take a moment and pull the plug. Obviously some items such as your clocks and such will work best if left plugged in but there are other items such as your computer, tv(s), vcr, dvd players, stereo systems, air conditioners, heaters, toasters, coffee makers, phone chargers etc that can simply be unplugged to keep you from wasting energy and money on items when they are not being used.

6 ) Fix any Drafty Doors and Windows. Save money on electricity by caulking, adding weather stripping or replacing doors and windows with more weather and draft resistant models. By doing this you can stand to save a good 30% a year on your electric costs and usage. These fix ups not only keep the cool and warm air from creeping into your home but it also prevents it from sneaking out of your home as well which is important especially during seasons that call for the use of heaters or air conditioners.

7) Keep your Home's Temperature set at Comfort Level. You can stand to save a lot of money on electricity if you avoid cranking up the heater or air conditioner when it gets too hot or cold and instead opt to keep the setting at your comfort zone setting. There is a misconception among many that by keeping the controls set to off and then just cranking them up to above comfort level when needed that you are saving money and energy and this is just not the case.

8) Dress for Comfort. One of the best and often overlooked ways to save money on electricity is to adjust clothing layers to help cool down or heat up. If the night is exceptionally chilly instead of cranking the heater up to 80 try covering up with a nice warm blanket or adding a thicker layer of clothing. If the night is exceptionally warm then by all means change into something a little less insulating and crack open a window or hop into a nice cool shower to help cool down and if it happens to be bedtime then eighty-six the comforter and simply using a crisp cool sheet at bedtime.

9) Replace your Electricity Guzzling Appliances with Energy Efficient Models. This day and age there are a lot of appliances that are now being made that help reduce the amount of energy usage in the appliances themselves. Often these appliances are easy to identify by the Energy Star ® label that is often proudly displayed. These can often be a bit more costly to purchase but in the long run will often make up for their cost and then some.

10) Laptop in place of a Personal Desktop to Save Money on Electricity. Use of standard laptop model computers is said to cost less and use less energy than a standard desktop style personal computer. If you have your sites set on a new computer anytime in the near future keep this in mind to help tame that electric bill.

11) Take Advantage of Outdoor BBQ's when Weather Permits. The oven uses a lot of electricity when in use so opting to avoid the oven when you can and instead using an outdoor BBQ grill can stand to help you save money.

12) Plant a Tree or Bushes to Help Fight Energy Costs. Planting large shade trees or bushes around your home can help to insulate your home and also provide shade if planted in the right areas which can protect your home from extreme heat and cold which can help minimize the need for extra heater and air conditioner usage which in the long run can help you immensely to save money on electricity.