Who wouldn't want to save money on electricity these days?

kill a watt deviceA kill a watt meter gives you the information you need to save money on electricity. You will be able to locate the items in your home that are wasting the most electricity. The Power Cost monitor (see left) is for the tech savvy individual. All you have to do is input out how much you are paying per kill a watt hour, and the device will monitor your electricity from there. You'll be able to watch your kill a watt usage fluctuate based on your electricity consumption in real time.

electricity usage monitor
If you are not interested in a high tech way to save money on electricity, check out some of the kill a watt meters that will make your wallet smile. After all the ultimate goal saving money. A Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor (see right) works by plugging your devices directly into the monitor to see their electricity consumption per kill a watt hour. You will know which items are worth replacing as well as which items need to be unplugged when they are not being used.

I wish I would have found my kill a watt meter sooner. I have just begun to save money on electricity, too bad I didn't buy a kill watt meter last year. If you are remotely interested in finding out more about your electricity usage, purchasing a kill a watt meter is going to be well worth it. I have saved close to twenty percent on my electric bill since I started keeping an eye on my consumption. A kill a watt meter will pay you back with electricity savings over time. If you are curios at all, getting a kill a watt meter is a smart decision.