One way you can save money every month is by saving money on gifts. Saving money on gifts doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the gifts you give. Here are a couple of strategies to help you save money on gifts.

 gift(63420)Ways to Save Money on Gifts

  1. Plan out your Gifts: 

    Plan your gifts on a calendar each year. Write down birthdays, weddings and holidays. Do this every couple of months so you are always aware of gifts coming up. Plan out who you plan on buying gifts for, for Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever other holidays you shop for. One huge way to save money on gifts is saving money on Christmas shopping. Also plan out a rough guide of what you want to get each person on your list.  Write down any ideas you have for the people on the list, and approximately what you want to spend on them (Now I will give you some strategies so that you can spend less than that number, but have it look like you spent that amount!) Since you have all the gifts you will need written out in a list, you will be able to look for good deals or sales on these items.

  2. Shop Sales and Clearance Items: 

    If you have young children that go to birthday parties, constantly be on the lookout for good gifts for kids their age. When you are in stores shop the sales and clearance aisles for items on your list or birthday party gifts. If there are great deals, buy the items and put them away for the right occasion.

  3. Shop Daily Deal Sites and Flash Sale Sites: 

    Shopping on daily deal sites and flash sale sites is a great way to save money on gifts because you can get great gifts for much cheaper than you can in stores. Daily deal sites and flash sale sites sell items for 50-70% off. Register for the sites you like, and then when you see a great deal for a gift on your list you can grab it at a great price.

  4. Shop Web Sales: 

    Keep your eye out for any web sales as another way to save money on gifts. A great way to do this is to subscribe to a deals website for saving money online. Sometimes online stores will have clearance sales with free shipping, and this is another cheap and convenient way to grab some gifts off your list.   

  5. Use Cashback sites to buy gifts online: 

    You can save money on gifts by earning a percentage of your purchases back in a rebate. Cashback sites give you a rebate on any online purchases when you shop through them. Check out a cashback site comparison to figure out the best cashback site for you.

  6. Use Amazon Prime: 

    Use Amazon Prime to get gifts you buy on Amazon shipped free. If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, read more about it and how to get it for free.

I hope these tips help you save money on gifts, without having to sacrifice gift quality.