If you are going to SeaWorld on vacation, you are going to have a wonderful trip. No matter the park. SeaWorld has a lot to offer families that want to relax, rejuvinate and spend some time together. Plus did I mention you are going to get to see Shamu?

Along with a great time, your vacation needs to be fitting into your budget and that's why you should be checking, before you buy the tickets to get deals and discounts. Here's how to do it so you can save some cash

Things You Will Need

Interest in buying Seaworld Tickets


Step 1

Shamu Show Start by knowing the dates you plan on vacationing in the Sea World Park. Usually there are great deals for the beginning of summer, but you can find deals year round! The dates allow you to target your time to find exactly the deal or discount you need.

Step 2

Check the Seaworld website to see if there are any current deals or discounts you can acquire by purchasing the Seaworld tickets online. The discounts usually are in the form of a promo code that you type in when you start the purchasing process on the website. Last year Southwest Airlines had a promo code listed that allowed 25% off listed on the website. As this changes often, you need to check to see what is currently available.

Step 3

Give the Seaworld park you are planning to visit a call and ask what deals they currently are offering. Now you may think you already covered this by looking at their website (like suggested above), but Seaworld also has local offers with grocery stores and other restaurants that normally would not be listed, so you must ask!

Step 4

Promo codes are another great way to save money on your Seaworld tickets. Don't have any promo codes? Well, email your friends and see if any have promos through their work. Many of the larger companies offer their employees, families and extended friends discounts for the asking.

Having a great time at Seaworld means enjoying your family and the sea creatures which fill the day with shows, touching and just swimming around the aquariums. Don't forget to take your camera and grab a few shots so you have some wonderful memories at Seaworld!

Tips & Warnings