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Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and be with family every year, but if you are in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving meal it can be very expensive. Using a couple of tips to save money on your Thanksgiving meals can help you stick to your budget while still feeding a lot of people. Some of these tips are similar to the tips for saving money on groceries.

Tips for Saving Money on Thanksgiving Meals

  1. Shop Thanksgiving Food Sales: 

    Pay attention to the sales circulars starting in November. Make a list of what you need for your Thanksgiving meals in advance. Think about the actual Thanksgiving meal, plus any meals you will need to serve, or food you will need on hand if you have company in town. Then, buy the items you need when they go on sale. By shopping the sales you won’t pay full price for anything. Also, lots of grocery stores and big box stores will have promotions. The promotions might be for getting a turkey at a great price, a free pie or some stores even will give you a free turkey if you spend a certain amount leading up to Thanksgiving. Read all the fine print and figure out if the promotion makes for a good deal. If it does, then make sure you take advantage of the promotion. 

  2. Use Coupons: 

    Use printable coupons, e-coupons and select your Upromise coupons. Lots of companies issue coupons for traditional Thanksgiving items around this time. Using coupons combined shopping sales will help you save money on your Thanksgiving groceries.

  3. Have a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner: 

    Have a turkey or a ham, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, dressing and anything else that is traditionally served at Thanksgiving. These will be the items on sale, so you will get them cheaper. If you decide to have a pork tenderloin instead, you will pay more, instead of catching a good sale on  a turkey.

  4. Use your Crockpot: 

    You can save money cooking with your crockpot. A crockpot can help you feed a crowd on a budget. Use the crockpot for sides, desserts or to make soup. You could also use your crockpot to make breakfast in the morning (think: overnight oatmeal). Or you can use your crockpot for reinventing leftovers several days after your Thanksgiving meal. 

  5. Make Soup: 

    Make soup as an appetizer and then make it again using leftovers. Turkey noodle soup anyone? Soup is a great way to feed a lot of people on a budget, because it's filling and it really stretches your ingredients.   

  6. Bake from Scratch: 

    Making your desserts from scratch will save you money. You can make a pie very cheaply since baking products will be on sale, and will probably cost much less than what you would spend on one already made. Plan ahead so you won't be rushing at the last-minute, and so you will have time to make things from scratch. 

I hope these tips for saving money on Thanksgiving help you and your loved ones have a great day! And when you are done with your wonderful meal, you might be interested in how to Save Money Christmas Shopping