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If you love to engage in water sports, especially in the Pacific Ocean along the California coast, you may want to own a wet suit. Whether you are surfing, paddle boarding, or going diving, the water can be quite chilly at times, and a wet suit will help you feel more comfortable in the water.

Our family spends a great deal of time in the ocean.  Our children and grandchildren enjoy surfing and snorkeling, but the Pacific Ocean is too cold to do this most of the year, unless you have a wetsuit.  With growing kids in our family, it can be difficult to keep everyone fitted with a wetsuit.  In addition, they occasionally get caught on a rock and ripped.  Replacing them can get expensive, so we have found some ways to keep everyone in wetsuits as inexpensively as possible.

When I have gone shopping for wetsuits in local sporting goods stores, I have sometimes found that the selection is limited and the prices can be quite high. However, there are some ways you can save money, and still get the comfort and protection from cold water that you are seeking.


Divers WetsuitCredit: Amazon.com

Purchase Your Wet Suits Online

One way to save money on wetsuits is to use this direct link to wetsuits from Amazon.com.  The photo that accompanies this article actually shows one of the many choices that they have available for under $100.  In addition to the new wet suits that they sell, you can sometimes also purchase used ones from Amazon.  You can use the link above to look through dozens of choices from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Comparison Shop at Your Local Stores

One of the fears many people have about purchasing wetsuits online is that they may have trouble finding the right size. Because of this, you may want to print out the information about the wetsuits that interest you online, and then go to the local sporting goods stores, surf shops and dive shops in your area. There, you can try on different styles and brands, and compare their prices to what you will pay to get the same item online. The store may be having a sale, and you might decide to just go ahead and make the purchase. However, if you have trouble getting the size you need or the brand you are looking for, you can leave the shop feeling confidant that you now have the information you need and you can go ahead and make the purchase online.

Used Sporting Equipment Stores and Consignment Shops

If you live near a dive shop or a beach community, you may find consignment shops, and even pawn shops, that resell used wet suits, surf boards, and similar equipment for outdoor sports. If you aren't sure where one is located, talk to the sales clerk at your local dive shop or surf shop. They may be able to help you locate a consignment store near you. In addition, when you talk to the sales clerk, you may learn that they have a few used wet suits and other sports equipment items for sale in their own store.

Wet Suit Features to Consider

If you are only going to be using your wetsuit occasionally, then you probably don't need to worry too much about any special features you may want in a wet suit. However, if you plan to use it frequently and spend a lot of time outdoors, you will want to make sure it is comfortable, lightweight and will protect your skin from the Ultra Violet light of the sun.  You will also want to take into consideration how well-made the wet suit is, especially if you intend to use it frequently or for an extended period of time.

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One Example of the Affordable Wetsuits from Amazon

NeoSport Wetsuits Full Body Sports Skins Full Body Sports Skins,Black,Large
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You'll find that the prices on Amazon are very competitive. If you want to see more choices, click on the product name above to go directly to Amazon where you can use the search box to look for more wet suit choices.