Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure booking the right hotel room for a reasonable price can save your travel budget.

When you are traveling you want to make sure that you find and book a hotel room that will fill the requirements and personal needs that you have.  Not everyone looks for the same things in a hotel room and so it is important to find the type of accommodations that are what you need.  You might have to spend a little extra time when booking your rooms but by doing so, you will book a room that will satisfy your requirements and in the end will spend less money!

 As you assess the needs you have for your lodging you might want to consider the following:

  • Size and number of beds
  • Pool and/or spa and other fitness facilities
  • Free meals such as breakfast buffet
  • Airport shuttles and free parking
  • Location
  • Business center
  • Pets

 Once you decide on the type of accommodations you will need, visit several websites on the Internet that offers rooms at a discounted price.  Take notes and compare pricing between the websites.  Make sure you are comparing the same rooms at the same hotel.  Sometimes they will offer a queen room without breakfast compared to a king suite, which includes breakfast.

Some of these sites offer free nights after a certain number of bookings and it might be beneficial to sign up and start booking with one site so you can earn free nights.

Make a search of the hotel website for their best Internet deals or specials.   Most hotels will offer a discount on Internet bookings and can often beat the offers on discount websites.

Call the hotel reservation line or desk and ask for their best deal as sometimes you can get a good offer if they aren’t booked.  If you are planning an extended stay, call the hotel directly and ask to speak to the manager for a better rate.  If you want to book the room for a week or more you can ask for a discount by offering to have them make up the room just a couple of times during the week.  Often you can cut the cost in half by doing this especially if it is a small locally owned hotel.  

Using club rewards cards can get you a few free nights if you like booking and staying with one hotel chain.  But, you will usually pay full price for the rooms while you are earning your free nights. 

If you are flexible and not too particular about having the exact room you want, consider using discount websites where you bid on a room.  You can make substantial savings but you won’t know exactly what hotel or room you will get.  Pay attention to the area and star rating when doing this to better your chances of booking a hotel that will meet your needs. 

If possible, consider booking on different dates or days of the week.  There are peak seasons and prices will go up significantly.  In business areas you will find the rooms more expensive during the week and discounts on the weekend.  It will be just the opposite for tourist/gambling locations.