Is it time to buy a new laptop?
…If you're one of the millions who have decided it is time to purchase a new laptop, you must be informed of the great deals that are available online - and how to save money on your next laptop.

Why Laptops are for Everyone

Whether you are in need of a reliable computer for work or classes, a laptop will prove to be convenient, cheap on your electric bill, easy to clean, and will take up just the space inside a backpack or a briefcase, if not less.

Saving Money on Laptops

Although the temptation is strong to purchase the newest, flashiest looking laptops from companies like Dell and Sony, the best alternative would be to purchase a used laptop from a secondary source, and not from the manufacturer or brand store.

Thus, the online auction sites that let customers re-sell their used laptops (or unboxed ones) becomes an excellent place to research a better deal. Take the time to explore eBay, iBid, and various other stores online and offline that sell used laptops.

Note: Refurbished laptops will save you a lot of money, but beware of spending more than $600 on a refurbished laptop that has a chance of total system failure in the next 2 years.

What Brand to Look For

Depending on your budget for buying a laptop, you should look for basic features like hard drive space. Over 60GB is highly recommended. Second, 2GB of RAM is absolutely necessary as operating systems and software today eat up a lot of this memory. Third, it should have a large enough screen that you can read text without squinting, leaning in, or having to increase text size on a browser's web page, or in a Word text document.

Best prices

It's difficult to point out a specific price range because the purposes of a laptop vary from person to person. However, a general-use laptop should cost about $450-$500. If you buy a well-equipped laptop from Craigslist at $340 – you've just made an excellent purchase. Sony VAIO's and other premium brand laptops may not be sold for any less than $500, but you should stay vigilant for a good deal on them, as well.

How to Save Money on Premium Laptops

Apple's laptops are very reliable, so they are priced to match their reliability and value. Sony's laptops are also relatively expensive, though they provide much more value – either aesthetically, with additional features like faster CPU or a larger hard drive. Although purchasing from a refurbished tech store or online auction site may not be possible with these brands, you can still save a lot of money by doing two things: 1) waiting until the price of the laptop drops 2) purchasing during a sale.

Do Not Overpay For Shipping

Since many laptop purchases may be done online, stay away from high shipping costs. The business owner or student will not benefit in any way from ground shipping that costs $80, in addition to the cost of the laptop; shop with another seller instead.


Laptops are easily the most popular computer in the world-they offer convenience, savings, and long-term value. Most current desktop owners have considered purchasing a laptop…and they will not have any trouble finding savings on a laptop. Whether you shop online for your next laptop or at a local computer store, be prepared to compare, shop at multiple locations, and find many good laptop deals. With the above points in mind, you'll save a lot of money on your next laptop purchase.