Replacement Storm Windows

The cost of replacing windows in a home is a huge expense and replacement storm windows can be a viable alternative to installing the more expensive double and triple-glazed, or argon gas filled windows. 

The double glazed will increase energy savings, but purchase and installation costs will be significantly higher.  This make recoup the cost even further into the future.  The cost of replacing windows may never to be recovered entirely if you move house, so bear than in mind when choosing to proceed with a window replacement project.

If your motive for replacing house windows is purely to reduce drafts and lower energy costs, replacement storm windows may be what you are looking for.  The price of storm windows is much lower than the more expensive double and triple-glazed panes while all can give up to a 30% energy savings.  Being installed on the outside of older interior windows, storm window replacement can cut heating and cooling costs without compromising comfort, versatility, or curb appeal. 

The decision to replace storm windows should be based on how they would enhance the homes appearance, interior brightness or curb appeal.  Other benefits include blocking traffic noise and protecting your prime windows from UV exposure, weather, leaks and damage.  There are other pros and cons to consider and saving money on the cost of replacing windows is an important step.

What are Storm Windows?

Storm windows, or storm and screen windows, are usually single pane window with a plastic or aluminum screen to keep insects out of the house.  Storms can also be double hung.  Frame material varies and aluminum storm windows are quite common, inexpensive and low maintenance.  Wooden storm windows are higher maintenance and purchase cost.  The quality of construction of the storm windows is important and a good indicator of overall quality and durability of a window.

Double paned storm windows are best suited for extreme temperatures to lower energy costs, but they can be used in any climate.  Low e coating storm windows are recommended and provide the best energy savings.

When are Replacement Storm Windows Most Effective?

Installing Energy Star rated low-e storms over a single-pane interior window offers energy savings.  Replacing storm windows reduces air leakage lowering energy costs.  These cost savings are comparable to replacing single-pane windows with a double-glazed low-e window.  The cost of replacing storm windows is significantly less.

This is most effective and cost efficient when they are installed exterior to loose old drafty single pane windows.  Low e storm windows can reduce energy costs by 30% per opening.  The depth of sash tracks and effective weather stripping on a replacement storm window are crucial to lowering the air flow through it and improving its effectiveness. 

Getting Estimates for Storm Window Replacement

Take some time and carefully read storm window reviews, compare finishes, materials and features.  Spending a little more on high quality storms will greatly affect the success of your window replacement project.  It may ultimately mean higher energy savings and avoid the cost and inconvenience of storm window repairs. 

There are a wide variety of models and materials of storm windows to choose from.  By shopping around, reading reviews, comparing prices and considering the cost, you can find  windows that are right for your home and budget.  There are many tips available to help you learn what to look for when purchasing new windows.

Make sure you get many comparable quotes.  The internet offers great potential for research and perusing storm window costs from the comfort of your own home.   So start looking around today!