Most people with large filing cabinets in their office should be using file cabinet dividers. Quality metal file cabinet dividers can help tremendously with saving space and keeping your file cabinets organized. If you are like most people you organize your paperwork into hanging file folders but these file cabinet parts can keep your folders in order by keeping them confined to certain areas of certain drawers that way nothing goes missing.

Hon File Cabinet Drawer DividersWhen it comes to file cabinet dividers most brand name filing cabinet manufacturers make their own parts designed to fit their products. Hon file cabinet dividers for instance are unlikely to fit Steelcase file cabinet drawers because the holes the dividers attach to won't be in the same places. If however you want to save and find cheap file cabinet dividers then you are going to have to get away from the brand name products and stick to the after market manufacturers. Not only can a generic parts retailer offer parts for your hon file cabinet for less but they can usually offer different quality tiers in dividers to keep costs even lower.

For instance if you have a lateral 2 drawer filing cabinet then you should know that many different types of files can fit in the cabinet and even though it may be full keeping it divided by project or classification of file types is necessary. Low cost cardboard file cabinet dividers can be found from certain retailers other than Hon and this will drive the costs even lower. Likewise many of these retailers will sell many other low cost items like a file cabinet rail, file cabinet caster base, or even filing drawer sliders. Of course to keep these kinds of inventory many of these retailers do not maintain a physical location other than a warehouse and unless you have access to it the best place to purchase these parts is through their website.

File cabinet dividers do come in many different colors just as they come in different styles. You can easily match black filing cabinet dividers to your black metal file cabinet so that everything blends together as one cohesive piece of office furniture. Similarly you can find inexpensive filing cabinet drawer dividers which install in generic file cabinets as well. You are not confined to the main cabinet manufactures like Hon and Steelcase when you shop in the after-market product market. Some good stores to start your search for these file cabinet dividers for drawers and shelves include Staples and Amazon as these companies often partner with smaller companies which make many of these filing cabinet parts.

Another great option for finding cheap dividers is to go to the used market in addition to search the new product market. Some file cabinets purchased brand new come with additional file cabinet rails and dividers which not all people use. There are always looking to sell excess items they have and don't need and places like Craigslist and eBay are great for finding these used file cabinet dividers as well as other miscellaneous parts.