Long Hair Chigi

Hair Clippers

Buy a pair of hair clippers for $20.00 or less and shave your own head. You can easily shave your head to almost bald or you can give yourself a butch or buzz cut. For the cost of a haircut you can buy some hair clippers and the hair clippers will last for many years if properly took care of.

Become a Hippy

Grow your hair out. Do not ever cut it and you will save money on haircuts. If it bugs you then you can still simply pay for a hair cut once every 6 months or so. If you work in the real world then this option for saving money on a haircut may not be feasible for you.

Beauty School

Many towns have a college or school for hair professionals. Many of these hair colleges offer hands on training. You can receive a steeply discounted haircut by a student. All students are watched over by professional instructors.

Cut It Out

If you don't get perms, extensions, hair coloring or other stuff done you can save a lot of money on your haircuts. Generally a guy will not do any of that. For guys a $7.00 haircut is generally OK but if you pay $20 or more for your haircuts this money can add up over time. Why spend a lot of money on a haircut? Spending money on a haircut is stupid if you always get a shaved head or buzz cut. If you like a more traditional style of haircut there is still no need to pay a lot of money. If you must have your hair cut by someone else then find a cheap barber in your town and skip the expensive hair salon.

Spending money on expensive hair cuts at the hair salon is a waste of money for guys. If you are a guy that spends a lot of money at the hair salon then you make me laugh. Image Credit: (WikiPedia)