hydro bills

If your utility bill is still high, look for those hidden users!.

Take a walk through each room in your house, and see if you can find the offenders. If your usage on your bills, especially your hydro bill is showing your average daily usage as more than, say last year. Then you may just have some quiet little offenders, tapping into your resources.

If you have already checked out the obvious, such as heaters, and lights on everywhere, then it is time to start checking out the "not so obvious" users that can add up big time on your hydro bill.


No need to leave them on overnight. You can power them down when they are not going to be used for at least 8 hours. Even in sleep mode, computers can suck hydro.


Do you leave your charger plugged in the wall, for when you need to charge your phone, or batteries? Or do you also leave your equipment charging and forget about them for days! Not only is this hard on the equipment, but it sucks energy.

Lights outside

Do you have a shed, barn or shop or separate garage with a light? Is there an attic in your garage or even your house? Is it possible that someone has left on a light, and you would not notice? (Don't laugh, this happened in my parents house and it stayed on for months!)

Do you leave your outside lights on overnight? Get a timer, this can save you big time especially at the holiday season with Christmas lights.

Check the kids rooms.

Do they have aquarium tanks with heaters and lights? Are they efficient? You can put the aquarium light on a timer as well, no need to leave it on all the time. Do they have a TV or computer in their own room? Or plug in their laptops and leave them? All of these electronics pieces of equipment will suck hydro.

Heating Roof Cables

These work great to stop ice dams in the winter. Did you wire it up and plug it in outside somewhere and it is still on?

Garden Lights

Do you need to leave them on all night? Timers work well here too.

Heating and Air conditioning

Turn your heat down a few degrees and wear a sweater, or turn your air up a few degrees and dress cool. Both can save big time on energy bills. Plus replace or clean filters regularly.

Pond pumps, and water features

These do not need to be running all night. You can put these on a timer, or only plug them in when you are around.

Bathroom, curling irons etc

Does your daughter or even yourself, leave the curling iron plugged in? These take a lot of energy, don't trust the automatic shutoffs, unplug them when you are done.

When you first take a walk through your house, you may not see anything really obvious that is slowly causing your hydro bill to creep up. But if you have been bringing in a computer here, or a laptop there, and they all need recharging or plugging in, then you are going to notice the few cents here and the few cents there adding up over the month.

So, get all the lights out, turn off the equipment at night, and make sure there are no rogue lights on all the time, such as your attic or basement. Turn the heat down at night, and turn off the aquarium lights. Take note of what is in every electrical outlet and see if it needs to be plugged in.

If you become aware of the power drain, even if it is just a simple trickle, then you will not only help your hydro bill, but you will be creating that "green lifestyle" that we are all going for. Use less, and this will help the environment.

So, don't just look at the obvious, such as washing clothes in cold water, hanging them out to dry, turning down your water heater etc.. Take a good look behind the scenes, and go "unplugged".