Looking to save on Valentine's Day jewelry gifts from Blue Nile jewelers? Blue Nile is one of the most respected online jewelers as they have been selling some of the highest quality pieces of jewelry for her or for him for over a decade. The difference between Blue Nile and some of the more traditional luxury jewelry stores like Tiffany's, Jared, or Ben Bridge is that online shoppers almost always have access to savings mechanisms that traditional shoppers don't.

First of all simply shopping at Blue Nile for jewelry this year for your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, is going to be probably the best bang for your buck because the markup on the items aren't going to be so significant. Online retailers always have the upper hand in pricing power due to the nature of their business.

Having said that there are two easy ways to ensure you save even more this year on your Valentines Day jewelry.

The first thing you have to do is to search online for discount codes that are current for BlueNile.com. This is as easy as doing a simple Google search for BlueNile.com discount codes or Bluenile.com promo codes and then checking out the various websites that come up. Many of these sites index all the different codes that exist and provide the term and conditions for using them.

Usually it's easy to find a code or two that will work depending on what type of Valentines Day gift you are going to end up buying. Finding 10% or 20% off your order is not unheard of nor is finding simple deals like $10 off a hundred dollar purchase or $25 of a $150 purchase. These deals and promotions will always be changing so make sure to check often.

The second most important thing you should do is to make your purchase through online shopping cash back sites like eBates.com. This is a little known savings tool that only the savvy shoppers know about. When you open an account with eBates and then use their link to stores like BlueNile or any other store in their catalogue, you will earn cash back on any purchase you make through that store.

In the instance of BlueNile you can navigate directly tot heir website and make a purchase or you can navigate to eBates website, login and click through to Blue Nile and earn 5 percent cash back on any purchase you make there. And when it comes to jewelry you can understand how big of a deal an additional 5% cash back really is. Luckily setting up an account with eBates is free and very simple and the savings can almost always be combined with other deals and promotions.

Lastly, making purchases of any kind online require the use of a card. Whether it is a credit care or a debit card you usually have to go this route. It usually makes sense to make credit card purchases online on cash back cards and then pay them off the following month. This is not something that can be setup in a few minutes but it is worth mentioning.

Overall you could probably head over directly to Blue Nile this Valentines Day and buy a $500 item that your significant other will love or you can buy the same item by finding a 10 percent off promo code online, getting 5 percent cash back by using eBates.com, and an additional 3 percent cash back using a cash back card and end up saving a total of $90 on your purchase.

It may take a little more time to identify the potential savings but this level of smart shopping should be well worth your time especially when it frees up more money to spend on Valentine's Day as opposed to the Valentine's Day gift.

Another point to remember is that sites like eBates are not only applicable to Blue Nile but also to many other stores. Many major retailers like Nordstrom, Ross-Simmons, Brooks Brothers, Chadwicks, and many other jewelry stores offer cash back on eBates as well as many other stores that cater to an entirely different crowd of shoppers. You can use this portal to save on any kind of online shopping you do from electronics, to clothing, to toys.

You will obviously want to make sure you don't overspend simply because of the extra saving available as this will offset the savings and not result in any net gain but assuming you are conservative in your purchase making you should do well keeping your budget under control.

Valentines Day doesn't have to be an expensive holiday – you get no extra points for spending too much money. Make sure to use all available discounts and be proud of it. Your girl will be happy no matter what you spend on her, after all, it's the thought that counts.