Save on laundryCredit:;By Noboru

It's easy to save time, money and energy on laundry & dry cleaning but depending on how serious you are about it, will depend on how much you save. If you use the Laundromat, instead of using the single washing machines look into using the double or triple washers. You can save as much as .50 cents to $1.00 a load. There are also mega dryers so that you can put double loads in at one time. This will save you a lot more money and these machines have the capacity to dry much better.

 For dry cleaning, you can actually clean those special clothes using a dryer and Dryel Kit. After you buy the initial kit (sold in supermarkets and drug stores in the laundry aisle), you will only have to refill the moist towelettes and stain remover accessories. This will save you money on dry cleaning! The stain remover kit comes with a sponge like square to use when taking up the stains on your garments. This works really well in getting up the stain. You can usually put a couple of items in a bag at a time.

 Use bath towels more then once. Hang them up to dry and assign each family member their own bath towel by color. This will save time, money and energy. There will be less laundry to do, less energy to use, and savings on laundry detergent and fabric softener too.

 Overfilling your washer will not only make sure your clothes don't get clean but it will also strain your washer causing future repairs. The clothes will also not spin properly and so when put in the dryer will not dry in optimal time. In this way, you will increase your energy use and your budget spending as well. More is not better in this scenario.

 Teaching our kids about saving energy (and our time as well) at a young age is very important. If we teach them while their still young, they will grow into responsible adults who teach their kids as well someday. One of the things that can be good to teach kids is hanging up clothes that are not dirty so they are not needlessly washed as dirty laundry. Teenagers seem to be more apt to do this. Wearing a shirt for an hour to the mall hardly warrants washing it unless you were jogging around the mall or spilled something on it. Another good thing that may have to be reminded often is that towels should be hung up to dry before they are placed in the hamper.


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