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On the day you first opened your door for business, you could count the number of phone calls that you had to answer on one hand. With this level of phone activity, answering the phone rarely took much in the way of time out of the average work day and the idea of hiring a telephone answering service seemed like nothing more than a waste of money. However, since those early days, your phone has begun to ring off the hook and there are days when it seems like all you do is answer countless phone calls.

What Can Hiring an Inbound Call Center Do For You?

Your days are busy; you have appointments to keep, projects that need to be started, others that must be finished and employees that need your help and guidance. Having to stop ever few minutes to answer the phone tends to be very counterproductive as it can seem like every time you just get started on a particular task, another call comes in. At some point you are going to have to decide which is more important, answering the phone or getting the job done.

Herein lies the real problem or in this case you are actually facing three distinct issues that must be dealt with in the best possible manner to keep your business afloat and moving forward.

  • Failing to answer the phone can mean the loss of new business as new customers are not likely to do business with a company they have a hard time reaching. At the same time, it can cost you existing customers for the same reason.
  • Answering the phone continuously pulls you away from your work, slowing down production and causing completion time problems with your current customers. Again this will eventually cause you to lose business.
  • Letting your employees answer the phone presents two problems. First it takes them away from their jobs once again slowing production and secondly you may not always get important messages causing you to lose business and money.

You Can't Always Be There

In as much as you like to think that you can always be there to answer the phone when it rings, this simply is not possible unless you want production to come to a complete standstill.  Using an answering machine is no guarantee of getting all of your messages; however when you have your phone answered by a live agent working in an inbound call center, your customers will always be able to reach a live operator who can answer many of their questions and take care of all messages.

There are a number of services that an inbound call center can perform for you that will not only relieve you from answering the steady stream of calls, but can make your life at work a lot easier.

  • Calls will be answered 24/7 by a skilled and trained agent not an answering machine or computer.
  • The agent can take messages or forward important calls directly to you wherever you are.
  • Depending on the level of service you have opted for, your live answering service can handle making appointments for your clients.
  • You will find that many inbound call centers can now handle answering customer service questions and help with technical issues with the appropriate training.
  • If you are a physician, a doctor or a service provider your phone answering service can contact the appropriate person to cover any emergency situation once the call comes in.

Using an Inbound Call Center Should Not Be Viewed as a Luxury

While it can be easy to view using an inbound call center as a luxury, since you can always answer your own phone, this is not the case. When you look at the low cost of hiring this type of service compared to the high cost of losing business because you spend far too much time on the phone, it becomes very easy to see why using a live answering service can increase your productivity and profitability.