In today's world, many of us are looking for cheap factory refurbished laptops as a way to save some money. Many of the PC's come with new computer warranties, just as you would expect from any other new unit. The real benefit here, of course, if the price you pay. You can save tons of money with these reconditioned computer, and still get the newest types from tons of great companies like Dell, HP, or Gateway, just to name a few. There is really no way of knowing how much money you can save with cheap factory refurbished laptops until you give it a shot. Here's what you can expect to find, and where you may want to look for some great bargains on your next reconditioned or retuned PC.

What do they consist of?




Cheap factory refurbished laptops can have a number of different categories they may fall into. This will let you find computers under 200 dollars for saleSome have actually never been used before by another customer, so they aren't actually reconditioned for resale. In these cases, you can still save a ton of money and get a great deal. When you look at any site for great deals on computers that have been reconditioned, these are some of the categories you will generally be able to choose from.

Reconditioned: Cheap factory refurbished laptops that fall into this category will generally have had some sort of problem in the past. In most cases, they have been gone over, with any needed repairs and adjustments made, and are now ready to roll out for sale again. Of all the cheap factory refurbished laptops you see for sale, these ones will generally be the closest to used. Still, once they have been gone over, they often come with a full warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

Customer returns: These may or may not have actually had any sort of issues when they were built. In some cases, customers will return the PC's they buy. Once this happens, most reputable companies will sell them as cheap factory refurbished laptops, since they go over them with a fine tooth comb. In some cases, they may simply be sold as customer returns, but lumped on the same site as cheap factory refurbished laptops. Either way, it gives you a chance to save some real money. For some reason, these seem to sell for a little more money than other reconditioned models.

Scratch and dent: You will find scratch and dent computers lumped in with sellers trying to unload cheap factory refurbished laptops. In some cases, they were never shipped to a customer at all. This can help you have a little better feeling about the transaction. When you look to buy cheap factory refurbished laptops for sale, it may be wise to check out the scratch and dent bargains as well.  Check out Dell scratch and dent computers for sale, or those by other makers.

Where do I find them?




Manufacturer sites: Companies like Dell have their own scratch and dent sites where you can get really cheap factory refurbished laptops. Like many other companies, the scratch and dent computers may have been customer returns, reconditioned units, or even ones with some slight cosmetic damage. Best of all, when you buy from the manufacturer, you will typically get the full warranty with your new cheap factory refurbished laptops. This can really help to set a buyer's mind at ease, so they can make their purchase with confidence.

eBay: You can find some great and really cheap factory refurbished laptops by visiting online site, like eBay. From time to time people will buy entire lots of reconditioned pc's from a manufacturer for resale. Since they often buy them at a greatly reduced price, they are able to offer you some real opportunity to save money. If you are searching for some cheap factory refurbished laptops, price is generally a concern. It makes sense with this tough economy to save as much money as possible.

Amazon: You will be surprised at just how many cheap factory refurbished laptops you can find for sale on sites like Amazon. You can choose from many of the top manufacturers, including Dell, HP and some others. You will have plenty of options available on sites like Amazon.

Other online sites: You can find tons of sellers offering cheap factory refurbished laptops. Many of the companies are quite trustworthy, but you still need to use caution. Sites like have built a solid reputation by selling items and standing behind them. No matter what company you decide to go with, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding many great deals on your next reconditioned PC.

Words of caution:




While you will find tons of sellers looking to peddle you cheap factory refurbished laptops, you may into a few unscrupulous companies that will attempt to fleece you. By being diligent, and looking for a few key things, you can really come out smelling like a rose.

Warranty: If they really sell cheap factory refurbished laptops, you should have some sort of warranty. If a seller is attempting a sale, as is, unless it's 90% off or more, you may want to pass it up and keep on looking.

Used, but cleaned up: You will find some seller that try to advertise their computers are cheap factory refurbished laptops, when they are actually just used. If the seller is upfront about this, it may be okay to move forward. It can be hard to tell who you are dealing with sometimes.

Shipping: Take a look at the total cost of the transaction for cheap factory refurbished laptops. If you pay a ton of money for shipping, you won't save nearly as much money.

Who is the seller: If you look to buy cheap factory refurbished laptops from online sites like eBay, you will want to make sure you buy from a reputable seller. If you don't, it could end up being a costly mistake.

Some additional thoughts:




Cheap factory refurbished laptops are not that hard to find. The really hard part is making sure you get a good deal, and buy from a reputable seller. As long as you use caution, you should come out okay.


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