All dog owners end up having to use some form of flea control to keep their pet in tip-top condition. One of the popular canine flea treatments is K9 Advantix. People like the fact that it controls a whole range of biting pests, not just fleas. This may make it great for Fido, but most pet owners agree they do not really like the price. Now it is easy to save with Generic K9 Advantix instead.

Generic pet medicines are brilliant buys because you get the same medicine at the same dose, and of the same quality, but at a fraction of the cost of the branded original. We've been waiting years for our favorite dog flea spot on treatment to be made available in non-branded form. Now its here we are thoroughly enjoying seriously low prices and a life without fleas, ticks, flies, lice or mosquitoes biting our dogs.

Generic K9 Advantix is, as far as your dog is concerned, identical to the branded version. Generic pet meds are a fantastic way to save money. Sometimes people are a little sceptical about them but the truth is a generic pet med still has to go through rigorous testing to demonstrate that the same quality and quantity of active ingredients is being used and that the medicinal result of its use is identical to the branded equivalent.

The reason generics are so much cheaper is that the original development of new applications and new active ingredients has already been done by the original drug company (in this case Bayer). When Bayer developed K9 Advantix for Dogs originally they would be given a patent allowing them a monopoly period in which no other companies could use the same ingredients in the same way. This just incentivizes companies to develop new treatments so is not a bad thing, and allows the originators to get their costs back and more.

The providers of generic pet meds still have to get their versions licensed with the FDA who require that they be completely interchangeable with the original brand. That's great for consumers as it means we get better value once a product has proven itself to be effective, popular and therefore worth developing a generic version of.

Now that the patent period has ended there are two ways to save money. Firstly hunt down Cheap K9 Advantix. This is available online and can offer significant savings over prices quoted in the average vet's office. But if you would like to save more (and really it is a lot more) choose Generic K9 Advantix instead. For a twelve dose pack the price for the generic flea treatment is around a third of that for the branded version, even using Canadian online pet pharmacies that offer excellent deals.