Children obesity has become a really serious problem in recent years. Every second child in our country is overweight and every third one is considered obese from the medical point of view. No one knows exactly why this problem has spread so much. Main reason is probably easy access the kids have to all kinds of snacks – they can get them even at school. Families where the overweight children are raised don't usually pay much attention to any kind of physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Obese children grow up, have their own families and pass the wrong model of life along.

No matter the reason, these numbers are shocking and alarming; something immediately has to be done to stop it, otherwise it will go like a domino and soon we will live in an obese, ill society where people die of heart attacks at their thirties. There are different campaigns and programs brought to schools to teach us all how to live healthily. They are a big help, but it is still not enough. The truth is it all has to start at home, only then the children can really learn that obesity is a serious condition we should fight with. It is all in the parents' hands.

If your children are not obese then you still have to stay cautious – make sure you control what they eat and do. Talk to them about the problem anyway, make them aware how serious it is. If your children are already overweight or even obese you have to start changing the way they live immediately. First talk to them, but carefully. If your kids feel good about the way they look, convincing them they are fat might ruin their self confidence. Suggest delicately that they could be slimmer, for their comfort and health.

If you agree with your kids that something has to be done try to make the next steps nice to them so they won't feel punished for being fat. Take them to a sport department in a shopping mall and let them choose some equipment. If they are interested in expensive fixed gear bikes, do the exception and buy them what they want. That will encourage them to physical activity they need so much. You will also have to arrange time for your children so they are never bored. Otherwise they will spend the whole days in front of the TV eating unhealthy snacks. Take them for a bike trip, play games with them – it will be also good for you. You have to show your children that healthy lifestyle can be fun.

Now it is time to think about food. I bet your kitchen is full of good things and there is always something sweet at hand right? Change it. Get rid of all the snacks. Your children must understand that this kind of food can't be eaten every day, every time they want. Instead of that make sure you always have fresh vegetables like baby carrots or tomatoes. You can also get some dried fruit and peanuts. Whenever your kids scream for a snack, give them something healthy. It won't be easy, they will probably hate you for the first days but they will get used to that in time.

Forcing kids to eat particular things is very difficult. One has to be very smart to success. If they don't want to eat something they just won't eat it and afterwards run to the nearby shop and buy ice cream or a chocolate bar. You have to try your best that your children like what you prepare. If they love sandwiches they can still eat them but prepare them on low carb bread. If they love sweets and simply can't live without them you can bake oat cookies and serve them with fruit yoghurt. Make it different, but make it tasty. That's the only way your kids will eat healthily.

Many obese adults started as overweight children. Even if this problem doesn't concern you so seriously yet you should take care of what your children eat and how they live. Yes, it is going to be a hard and long way, but you just can't give up. Your kids will thank you for that one day.